Swarming Termites


What is the swarming season?




If you find yourself outside during a warm spring day, you might find yourself in the midst of a winged termite gathering in the form of a swarm.  When you see a swarm, you can be pretty sure the result will be a new termite colony within the near vicinity.

This is the reason swarming termites can be and should be, a concern to you and a threat to your home.

Swarmers are a sign of termite trouble:


Essentially, these swarmers are announcing the coming of a termite threat. Where swarmers are, a colony is near. The risk is something every homeowner needs to take seriously. But the good news is that there is a solution. Canton Termite and Pest Control are here to help you keep your home termite-free. Don’t risk the expense and damage of a termite infestation.

Not only do the swarmers create new colonies, but their presence is also your first clue that the home colony is nearby. If that “nearby” happens to be nearby your home, that is a problem.

Swarmers arent the only part of the colony thats busy:


During the swarm, the termites are mating and building satellite nests for their future families, remember that the rest of the colony isn’t on vacation. Scavenging worker termites are most active in the warm months of spring and summer. Canvassing the area for sources of food (your home) and any other wood-based material is their primary job.

Since they are on the lookout for any type of wood, that usually leads to the discovery of homes. With regular termite inspections performed by an expert, your home does not have to be one of the unfortunate discoveries.

The extensive damage caused by these insects can happen in a very short time. Wallpaper, furniture, wooden framing, and even picture frames can become the next dining experience for these capable and determined invaders.

Left unchecked, termites can cost you thousands in damages and there is always a risk or permanent lowering the value of your home. It definitely makes selling your home in the future a little more complicated. So once again, the reminder and lesson to be learned are that prevention is well worth the effort and minor expense compared to the potential of extensive cost and aggravation left unchecked.

Keeping termites at bay during the swarming season:


Not only are they tenacious, but termites are hardy insects. This said shortcuts in your treatment of these invaders are not recommended. Protecting your home requires an effective and encompassing barrier around the outside exterior of the structure. This stops the scavengers in their tracks and helps control the population of the swarm.

The application of the barrier treatment can take several different forms. The product at the forefront of the market is currently Termidor HP2 Injection System. This new system resolves one of the more aggravating issues with traditional termite treatments, which is trenching. For other treatment options, it is often necessary to dig a trench around a foot deep around the exterior of your home. This allows for the product to be applied at the subterranean level termites populate. While this makes treatment more effective, it also can disrupt your landscaping.


The Termidor HP2 solves the trenching issue because it uses a powerful liquid injector to apply the treatment in an exact, measured amount into a precise location. Trenching is not needed at all. That means less mess and disturbance of the soils and plants in your surroundings.

Other advantages to this system include:

Guaranteed effectiveness for 10 years!!

Fast and efficient application of the product

Safer environmental conditions and less impact due to reducing the consumption of water

Increased accuracy since an onboard computer is calculating the exact quantity being distributed.

Through research, it has become clear to us at Canton Termite and Pest Control that the new Termidor HP2 system is an innovation worth our time and investment of training to give you, our customer, the very best product on the market. So, if you live in the Canton, Cartersville, or surrounding areas, call us today. We are ready to use our expertise and experience to make your home safe from all the flying, crawling, creeping invaders who want to join you for dinner!

If you have any questions about swarming termites or any other pest, give us a call at 770-479-1598. Put us to work keeping your home termite-free.


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Swarming Termites in Cherokee County
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