Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing the best wildlife control services for our customers. As the colder weather comes to Georgia, many animals will begin to seek shelter. In the wild, wildlife like squirrels, rats, and raccoons find natural shelters from the cold. However, some of these animals will choose to use homes and commercial structures as a den instead.


Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of dealing with a wildlife infestation. Animals that otherwise pose no threat can quickly cause major damage once inside your home. Squirrels provide an excellent example of this. While the common complaint about squirrels is the noise they cause, the most dangerous part of a squirrel infestation is the potential fire hazard. Squirrels can chew holes in walls, wires, and other infrastructure inside of walls and attics. This can quickly become both an expensive and potentially dangerous problem.


Squirrels are not the only wildlife threat homeowners face. Many different types of wildlife can cause a variety of problems. This is especially true during colder months. For this reason, it is extremely important for homeowners to ensure that they are well protected from all potential threats.






There are several steps and precautions that a homeowner can take to protect their home from wildlife. While these steps will not entirely keep wildlife out, they can help to deal with most problems before they arise. Basic steps for homeowners include:


  • Make any necessary repairs around the exterior of the home. Make sure there are no holes, cracks, or damaged parts of the roof, walls, or gutter. If you do find a hole, check to make sure no animals have already moved inside so as to avoid trapping them inside of your home.


  • Any doors, windows, or other openings should be kept closed to prevent wildlife from entering.


  • Clean up any piles of debris such as leaf piles or trash around the home. It is also preferable to keep any wood piles away from the home.


  • Seal any pet food and trash cans. Any sign of food outside the home will quickly attract a variety of wildlife.



        By making these adjustments around the home. The chances of wildlife infestation are greatly reduced. It can be difficult, however, to constantly keep up repairs, and this can allow wildlife to sneak into a home without being detected by the homeowner. Attics, crawl spaces, and other out of the way areas commonly attract wildlife invaders.


If you suspect that you might have any kind of wildlife inside of your home. It is best to act on that suspicion as soon as possible. The longer a pest is present inside of your home, the more damage and expense they will cause.


Many species of wildlife that can enter your home can fall under state and federal conservation laws. Some animals, like bats, are protected under law and cannot be disturbed or interacted with unless you have a license to do so. It is important to remember to treat all animals with caution. Many animals can carry dangerous bacteria and diseases. It is therefore advisable to maintain caution when interacting with any wildlife, whether they are inside or outside of your home.


Dealing with wildlife inside of your home can be a difficult task. Removing any animal is a complicated and potentially dangerous task. Wildlife control involves more than simply trapping and removing animals. It can also be a challenge to clean hazardous waste left by the animals and identify and repair any damage to the home. For these reasons, it is often best to leave the work to the professionals.


The rates charged by wildlife control technicians can sometimes seem expensive upfront. However, it is often a much simpler and cheaper option in the long run. Any mistakes in the removal and repair process can cause expensive problems inside the home. It is therefore typically preferable to hire a professional service that you trust to deal with your wildlife problems.

When dealing with a wildlife infestation, you do not want to trust such a complicated job in the hands of a company you do not trust. Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, our team has had years of experience with wildlife control. We strive to always offer our customers the best quality of service at an affordable price. We also offer free inspections. Before we ever charge you for a service, one of our expertly trained technicians will inspect your house and identify any potential problems. We will then create a plan that solves your particular problem in the safest and most efficient way.


So if you have any wildlife problems in your home, or simply a question, call us today at 770-479-1598. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have!


Here’s to YOU living wildlife free!

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