Pest Control Prevention for Free

Free! Now that’s a word most of us can get behind. And in this current market, anything that saves money in the family budget is good. So let’s talk about free as it pertains to your pest control needs.


First of all, seal it up! Let’s start with the premise that your house is currently pest-free. In that case, the bugs are outside where they belong. The goal then is to KEEP them outside. Keeping the bugs and critters outside requires protecting the entryways of your home by sealing them properly. This means checking the weather stripping around doors and windows for wear and tear, replacing old caulk with new, and making sure all vents have well-maintained vents for dryers and other appliances.


Next, let’s look at your water situation. Insects are always on the lookout for water availability. For the homeowner, looking for leaks and blocked drains can be a big deal and prevent a lot of expenses down the road. Leaks not only create rot but also create conducive conditions for insects such as termites and ants. Therefore, making sure to check for water leaks in and around your appliances and other areas is vital to preventing insect problems. Another problem can be condensation pipes. Make sure these pipes are draining away from the home and not pooling up around the foundation of your home. Gutters can have the same issue so clean them out and create a healthy flow away from the home.


Winter is a good season to cut back overgrown trees and bushes as well. Plant life that “bridges” between the ground and your home’s roof or foundation is a sure way to invite bug and pest visitors to join your family. So cut ’em back, trim ’em up!


Lastly, get rid of those leftover cardboard and paper products from Christmas. Excessive paper products provide an unwanted harborage for roaches and centipedes. Whether it’s newspapers, grocery bags, or simply old boxes, piling them up for a prolonged time can cause problems with expensive solutions.


These types of exclusion techniques are a low-cost way you can fortify your house against common pest threats, but if pests are already inside your home then the preventative measures above will be of little help. Even if you don’t see signs of pest activity out in the open, it is possible that secluded areas of your home are serving as hubs for growing infestations.


If you are concerned about pest risks, it never hurts to start with the best practices above, but truly protecting your home requires regular inspections and a targeted, professional pest-management plan.


To ensure that your home is free of any risks, give us a call today at 770-479-1598 for a FREE inspection!


Pest Control Prevention for Free
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