It’s Roach Time!


What skitters across your kitchen floor late at night and brings shudders of revulsion to the most stalwart of homeowners? You probably already answered, but I’ll say it for you…roaches.


First, let’s look at the different varieties of cockroaches. The first we will examine is the American. This roach is the largest roach found in Georgia and is nearly two inches long. They are commonly found in homes and are attracted to areas with readily available water sources. This pest is most active at night, moves quickly, and is equipped with a flat, wide body shape, a pair of long antennas, and a fairly small head. They have wings covering up their body which are tough and protective. These insects don’t fly well but they can do so awkwardly. They are light brown in color and generally about two inches long. Both males and females look pretty much the same and would be difficult to distinguish without a microscope or professional eye. American roaches are found in dark, wet areas like sewers, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.


Next up is the Oriental roach. This one is about an inch or an inch and a quarter long with glossy black coloration or reddish color. The males can be identified due to their short wings not covering their abdomens while females do not have wings at all. The Oriental can be found outdoors most often and rarely find their way inside residential homes. Their diet consists mainly of decaying substances, and they live about six months on average.


The Asian roach is a tan color with stripes visible on the thorax of the body. These insects are about half an inch long. Most often mistaken for the German roach variety, the Asian enjoys their outdoor home unless disturbances bring them indoors. As far as their habits, Oriental roaches are found in shaded outdoor areas and prefer mulch or leafy areas to call home. Usually, they are only found inside if they are attracted to interior lights. Oddly, this roach flies quite well, for roach, and flies even during the day when their habitat is disturbed.


The next roach is the German roach. The adult German is about half an inch in length and tan in color. Much smaller than the American, the life span is about twelve months compared to the American’s two-year span. It has two stripes running parallel down its back and the male and female are virtually identical in appearance. This roach is often a nuisance roach for homeowners since it is typically found inside. A nice, warm kitchen with plentiful moisture is the perfect home for the German roach. They are most active at night and have been known to cause allergy issues for homeowners, especially young kids. The German produces a vast number of eggs, more than any other roach species.


And now we move on to the Smoky brown. This insect is large at around one and a half inches long. They range from a dark cherry shade of red to dark burgundy red in color. A close observation shows the females are a little wider than the males, although the casual observer will see no obvious differences. The nymphs of this species have a whitish band located on their backs along with a white one on the very tip of the antennae area. The most interesting fact about the Smokybrown is that it holds the title of the most common cockroach found in suburban Georgia. Because of the high humidity presence, this variety often lives inside holes in hardwood trees. Unfortunately, they will also call your crawlspace, attics, and shed-type spaces home as well. Basically, anywhere that is high humidity (definition Georgia) and has protection from the wind is a hospitable home for the Smoky. These roaches are not generally found in kitchens like the German roach unless they accidentally make their way inside. They are active at night like most other species of roach.


Now that you know a bit more about the different species of Georgia roaches, let’s discuss how to avoid them in your living spaces. We’ve all heard about the cleanliness factor. So many customers call us and are embarrassed because they have kept their homes clean and still have roach issues. It happens. But don’t let embarrassment keep you from getting the help you need. Keeping food products cleaned up and safely stored away is definitely vital, but there are other reasons for a roach infestation. Since water is of vital importance to the roach (true for other insects as well), water leaks are a major welcome sign for the roach. So, make sure to fix any leaks as quickly as possible, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Check for any cracks and openings in your home, often around windows and doors, and get them efficiently sealed.


Roaches can be an extremely difficult insect to evict from your home, and a professional is your very best option. Canton Termite technicians are trained to identify the variety of roaches and create an optimal path of resolution for your pest infestations. If you are having issues with roaches, give us a call at 770-479-1598. Our team is happy to assist you in living bug-free!

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