Wintertime Pests in Canton Georgia


It may be hard to believe, but fall is upon us here in Georgia. While the temperature is still in the 90s (yuck!), the temperatures will hopefully be dropping soon! While we certainly can’t wait for the return of layering, hot chocolate, and Halloween, it is important to remember that your home’s pest security is particularly vulnerable during this time.

But why is this? Aren’t pests less common during cold seasons?

It’s true that you won’t see as many pests outdoors during the fall and winter, but make no mistake, they haven’t gone away. Many pest species go into hiding when temperatures fall to avoid freezing to death. While some species are dormant during this time, others may seek a warm refuge to remain active all year.

For example, subterranean termite species often go deep beneath the ground to depths with more stable temperatures. While they normally remain largely dormant during this time, they can remain active if they find a warm environment with the availability of resources.

Unfortunately, your home is the perfect environment for this scenario to play out. But how does this work?

When the temperature (finally) falls this autumn, pests will need a warm shelter to survive the incoming cold. This will naturally draw them into your home. If your home has any pest vulnerable access points (such as a crack or gap, wood-to-ground contact, or unscreened vents) then pests will easily make their way indoors.

Once they’ve infiltrated your home, pests that might otherwise go dormant during the winter instead remain active. This can cause homeowners’ major problems since destructive pests will have largely uncontested access to the home throughout the winter months. By the time spring returns and you have your home inspected by a pest professional, your repair costs may already be significant.

For example, if a termite colony is able to establish itself inside your home, the termites might feed in relative comfort throughout the winter. The damage to your house may go completely undetected since you just wouldn’t expect termites to be an issue otherwise during this period.

Keeping your home pest-free all winter:

This exact problem is illustrative of the benefits of regular inspections of your home by licensed pest control professionals. The fact is, pests don’t take the winter off. It is entirely possible that an infestation can and will occur despite the cold weather quieting pest activity in general.

Further, thus far we have only discussed insect pest problems. Wildlife can also be a major issue, and problems with wildlife are actually MORE frequent in the winter as squirrels, mice, and other creatures seek winter harborage.

The reality is this: you never know when and how a pest infestation might start, but the consequences of not preparing can be substantial.

To keep your home safe, the first step is scheduling an inspection of the property. Letting a pest control professional give your home a once over will help to identify any vulnerabilities that pests might exploit. In addition, the technician might be able to spot signs of pest control activity that could otherwise be missed.

Remember, the sooner you start dealing with a pest problem, the easier that process will be!

So don’t take a break from protecting your home against pests just because it’s getting cold out. Instead, double down on your pest protection by calling Canton Termite and Pest Control! We have decades of experience in the industry, and our team of highly skilled technicians has the training and tools needed to tackle any pest problem!

So if you want a pest fix that WORKS, call us TODAY at 770-479-1598!

By: Tim

Wintertime Pests in Canton Georgia
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