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You may be trying to decide how best to protect your home against wood-destroying invaders. This can be a tough choice since treatment options vary greatly in type, price, and quality.


Occasionally, we will get questions from homeowners about the pros and cons of professional treatments compared to DIY products. After all, why would you pay for professional treatment if you can get a fix right off the shelf?

However, the truth is that this can be a major mistake that costs you more in expense and frustration in the long run.


But why is this? Do DIY Products not work well?


Not necessarily, there are many highly effective DIY products. However, their successful use often has two major obstacles: (1) finding the right product for your problem and (2) applying it correctly.


There are thousands of different kinds of pests, and many factors such as climate, structural design, and other environmental features can impact what pest product is best for you. Identifying what would be the best product choice for the pests you’re dealing with often requires expertise that is difficult to find without professional assistance.


Further, even if you DO pick the ideal product for your situation, you need to perfectly apply the product for it to be effective. If the product is applied somewhere the pests don’t frequent, you may not be able to effectively deal with the pest population.


In short, DIY products can work just fine, but if not used correctly they won’t do you much good.


How DIY Products Can’t Help You:


One of the biggest limitations of a DIY solution is its essential one-time nature. While a DIY product (when properly used) can deal with your pest problems, it won’t address the vulnerabilities that allowed pests to enter your home in originally. Cracks or gaps in the outside of the home may be allowing pests easy access, and without a professional inspection, these issues may never be identified.


Due to this, treatments without an accompanying inspection to identify conducive conditions will ultimately lead to future pest problems. This is a major drawback that makes professional treatment almost a guaranteed necessity for a long-term pest fix.


What type of Termiticide does Canton Termite and Pest Control use?


We are committed to simultaneously pursuing two goals in our business: Staying on the cutting edge of pest control technology AND maintaining our small, hometown quality service. We want to be the company that provides the fastest, safest, and most effective treatments backed up by good customer service and a personal relationship with those we serve.


To that end, we have put a lot of time and research into the products that we pick, ensuring that we use only the best on the market. When it comes to termites, our choice is the Termidor HP II termiticide which is produced by BASF.


Termidor HP II is a highly effective, fast-acting, and efficient treatment product. It is able to cripple termite populations in a low dosage, which means a lot less product is required to treat your home.


The Termidor HP II is not widely accessible even amongst professional companies. In fact, we are one of the first 20 companies in the entire state of Georgia to use Termidor HP II. This exclusive access means that we can provide a much higher level of treatment quality even compared to other professional services.


But wait, can’t I just buy Termidor for myself online?


It is true that you can purchase some forms of Termidor products online or in stores. However, the HP II and several other of their more powerful products are only accessible to those with the correct licensing and training. For this reason, your access to the products you need maybe a bit restricted without professional treatment.


Actually, there’s another major advantage to our professional-grade pesticide treatment. The Termidor HP II product is designed to function with the specialty Termidor High Precision Injection System.


We have already discussed how groundbreaking this equipment is in a previous article (LINK HERE), but this product is revolutionary enough to deserve a refresh.


Essentially, the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System can place termiticide around the home without needed to dig up the soil (AKA trenching). Further, it is extremely accurate due to an onboard computer that distributes treatment to a 1/10oz accuracy.


This system allows treatment for termites to be..


  • Faster (Removes 90% of the labor time from termite application)
  • Safer and More Efficient (requiring only 1/4th as much product compared to traditional treatments)
  • less Intrusive (Keeping your landscaping safe!)
  • More Environmentally Friendly (Uses a lot less water)


All in all, this new Precision Injection System has revolutionized termite treatments, and Canton Termite and Pest Control are one of ONLY 20 companies that currently have access to this amazing equipment.


So, if you have termites eating away at your home, don’t rush to the store to buy a DIY fix! You just might save yourself a lot of frustration and expense if you call in the pros instead!


At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have decades of experience handling termite problems in all kinds of situations and scales. Our team has the tools and training necessary to eradicate termites in your home and keep them away long into the future!


For a solution that sticks, call us TODAY at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to help in any way that we can!


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Do it yourself Termite Control
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