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When the average person hears the word fumigation, they most likely picture gas masks and poison. But, not only is fumigation useful, it is sometimes the only option for dealing with infestations of pests. However, despite its positive uses, it can be very dangerous is improperly handled.

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I have been following a developing news story out of Florida involving a family who was possibly exposed to harmful chemicals due to the fumigation of their home. A young boy in the family has been admitted into the hospital due to severe brain damage and is in recovery as I write this.

While fumigation is considered to be a relatively safe, it has potentially been the cause of great injury to a family. While it is not entirely confirmed that the fumigation is responsible for this tragedy, it is currently the most likely cause.

When a person reads about a story like this, it could be enough to scare them away from any possibility of allowing the fumigation of a home or structure they might own, but fortunately, fumigation is not something that should be feared.

Fumigation is the process of spreading lethal gas inside of an inclosed structure to completely wipe out a severe pest infestation. While such a drastic method is rarely necessary, fumigation sometimes must be used to clear out the most extreme of infestations. For residents of North Georgia, however, fumigation is almost never necessary because there are not any infestation species that require a fumigation to remove.

I use this story as an example of how dangerous it is for the unexperienced to improperly handle pesticides. Just like medicine or other pharmaceuticals, pesticides need to be handled by those with the proper expertise. While small pest issues can be solved through easy means, larger problems often need professional level equipment and pesticides that only licensed technicians are allowed to use.

It is important to remember that it is dangerous to overuse even conventional pesticides or to mix various chemicals in an attempt to make professional grade pesticides. You might think you can save money by doing this, but it can be hazardous to your health. All pest control technicians must go through training and periodic reevaluation to maintain the license to use professional grade pesticides and equipment, and this training is what allows them to safely use these tools.

Just like you consult a doctor before you use any medicine, make sure that you let the professionals handle any work involving potential hazardous pesticides.

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