At Canton Termite & Pest Control, we get lots of call from frantic homeowners who have a flea infestation in their home.

Fleas… what do we know about fleas, or rather, what do we want to know about fleas? They certainly are not as well known for their participation in the flea circus as they are for their notorious involvement in biting our pets and us and causing infections to occur, so let’s focus on the dangers of having fleas around.

Fleas provide us with the bubonic plague, which has killed somewhere in between one quarter and one third of the world’s population during the Dark Ages, and killed more than seven million people in India from 1896 to 1911.

This disease has recently emerged in Pueblo County, Colorado, and resulted in the death of an adult with a family. This is in addition to a teenager who died earlier in 2015 from the plague, and eight deaths in 2014. Fleas transmit this disease to both humans and rodents alike.

Another couple of diseases transmitted by fleas are the murine typhus infection and cat-scratch disease, both of which are serious diseases that require treatment by a medical professional and potentially hospitalization.

When fleas lay eggs, the eggs can hatch in one to ten days, causing an infestation to spread very quickly. The larvae will live in the carpets, attics, beds, or other areas of the home for five days or weeks at a time, and when they metamorphose into adult fleas, the fleas will live for one to four weeks, generally. The adult female flea can lay up to forty eggs per day, meaning that fleas can replicate very quickly in the home once brought in by an unknowing pet or person. Human fleas will readily attack and bite humans as well as any other organism providing a suitable food source.

 Our professionals are trained and equipped to handle the wide variety of fleas and pests that may be in your home, and now we have treatments for fleas on animals that are safe for your pets, saving you an expensive trip to the veterinarian. A variety of insecticides can be used to protect your home, each of which will be tailored to the particular infestation your home presents.

To find out more about flea control, visit or call us at Canton Termite and Pest Control at 770-479-1598. We provide service throughout zip codes of 30115, 30114, 30183, and 30107 and around these areas.

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