European Hornets

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At Canton Termite & Pest Control, we get a lot of calls from homeowners who have discovered a hornets nest.  And sometimes, it is the large, yellow and brownish Europesn Hornet. Because of their large size, they can be quite startling. And, their sting is extremely painful!

Insect venom is rarely too harmful for people who are not severely allergic to it. But in large concentrations, some venom can become an issue for those with even very minor reactions. An example of this actually happened within my own family. My family and I were visiting my father and were leaving his house one night when my son Adam, age 13 at the time, stepped on a European Hornet. While he typically only had a minor reaction to insect stings, the amount of venom that entered into his system when he crushed it in under his foot was an extreme amount. He immediately began to swell up and I had to take him to the emergency room, while waiting to be seen his throat even began to become scratchy and swollen. Fortunately we were able to give him medicine to calm the reaction and bring him back to normal fairly quickly. While he was not in any great danger during this ordeal, it was a scary situation to be in.



European Hornets are the largest wasp species in North America. They are defensive of their nests and will readily sting to defend it. While they typically keep to themselves, it is not uncommon to see them out on summer nights. They are carnivorous and feed on other insects such as wasps, moths, and bees. They deliver a high concentration of venom when stinging and pain and swelling from these stings can last several days. If you are at all allergic to insect stings, it may be necessary for you to seek medical attention if stung by a European Hornet.


While European Hornets will often prey on pest insects, a nest close to your home can become an issue as the hornets are very aggressive. If you locate a nest, your best option is to call a professional to assist you. European hornets are aggressive and could attack you if you attempt to destroy the nest. They are also attracted to light, so artificial light should not be used near to any nests.

It is important to wear thick, protective clothing when approaching the nest to avoid stings. If the nest is far away from your home, consider waiting and allowing it to die during the winter, but if the nest is near to a home or structure, it would be best to call in professionals.

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European Hornets in Canton – Canton Termite & Pest Control
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