How to you say EXTERMINATOR?

Well, that all depends on where you live.

If you are looking for a pest control service on Google you will probably search for Exterminator or Exterminators.

Exterminator Canton Termite and Pest Control
Exterminator – Canton Termite and Pest Control

Exterminator is the word we use in the United States.

But, what do they call for in other Countries?

Below is the word Exterminator in many major international languages.

– English Language (Main): Exterminator

– Arabic: المبيد

– Belarusian: знішчальнік

– Bulgaria: унищожител

– Catalan: exterminador

– Chinese (Simplified): 灭鼠药

– Chinese (Traditional): 滅鼠藥

– Croatian: stručnjak za uniÅ¡tavanje Å¡tetočina

– Danish: Exterminator

– Dutch: verdelger

– Finnish: exterminator

– French: exterminateur

– German: Kammerjäger

– Greek L: εξολοθρευτής

РHaitian Creole: ̬kst̬rminateur

– Hebrew: מדביר

– Hindi: तबाह करनेवाला

– Indonesian: pembasmi

– Irish: exterminator

– Italian: sterminatore

– Japanese: 害虫駆除業者

– Norwegian: exterminator

– Persian: دافع حشرات

– Polish: tÄ™piciel

– Portugese: exterminador

– Russian: истребитель !!

– Serbian: стручњак за уништавање штеточина

– Spanish: exterminador

РSwedish: insektsd̦daren

– Thai: บริษัท กำจัดปลวก

– Turkish: yok edici

– Urdu: تباہ کرنیوالا

– Vietnamese: thích khách

But, when you need an exterminator in Cherokee County Georgia you say: “Canton Termite and Pest Control!”

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