Caulking-e1346941610889  Caulking and Weather-stripping to keep pests out

This year we moved into an old house in the country. Of course,I did a termite inspection of the place before we purchased it.

I also looked for critters in the attic and didn’t find any problems.

But,  after we moved in,  my children complained of seeing a lot of small bugs around the house. I looked around myself, and there did seem to be more bugs around the doors and windows than usual.

On closer inspection I realized that the weather-stripping and caulking around the windows was either gone or worn out. This is a common problem with many older homes. As the foundation settles, the caulking dries out and cracks form where they were none before.  Lots of openings to the outside become available for bugs to come in.

Every couple of years you need to look at all the weather-stripping and caulking around windows and doors to make sure that you’re keeping out weather as well as bugs.

Caulking can also save you money by keeping heated or cooled air inside where it belongs.

So, take a Saturday morning and go around the house and look at all the areas around your windows and doors. Be on the lookout for places where the air might be able to escape.

Use some steel wool for bigger holes and then put foam of caulking on top of it. Smaller holes can be filled with caulking alone.

You only need to do this job every two years or so. Your home will still need pest control service but a little caulk can go a long way to help.

I hope this is helpful.


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