I’m often called out to homes that have rodent problems in the garage. The garage is a great place to live if you’re a rodent. What’s not to like? It’s warm, dry, and generally there’s pet food of some kind to munch on. Access is easy too, as the garage door is relatively easy to get around. The rubber threshold strip often doesn’t seal well or can be gnawed through to gain entry.
Once I was with a customer who had spotted a mouse in his garage. We were going through the contents of his garage when he handed me an empty box and some other things to throw away in the outside trash receptacle. Turning over the old, plastic container which had held his pet food, the terrified homeowner shrieked as a mouse ran over his foot and out of the garage. Without really giving it much thought, I turned the box I was holding upside down over the mouse and trapped it. It was a lucky reflexive action, I couldn’t do again if I tried a million years. But it did impress the customer. He said,” Wow, you’re good!”
We took the little mouse in the box and carried it off into the woods far enough that I felt it wouldn’t come back. After that, we set about mouse-proofing the customer’s garage. We replaced the chewed garage door threshold to keep any new mice out. The customer then cleaned the garage thoroughly and swept away all the spilled dog food, birdseed, etc. After purchasing two small galvanized steel trash cans to put his pet food into, he was set with a better method of storage that would not attract rodents.
Now, the homeowner should have no more trouble with rodents in his garage, but if he does…Canton Termite and Pest Control will be a phone call away.

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