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Bed bugs are one of the most feared pests by homeowners and businesses alike. The fact is, bed bugs are one of the most tenacious invaders in the insect world, with a bag of tricks that makes them difficult to remove.

But why are bed bugs such a prominent threat? Aren’t they just like any other pest?


Not exactly, while bed bug infestations share common traits with other parasitic invaders like fleas, they stand out in their ability to survive harsh conditions and capacity for growth.


While it might sound a bit convenient for me to say this as a pest control professional, here is the honest truth: you can’t get rid of bed bugs on your own. Without professional assistance, your bed bug problems cannot be fully handled.


Here are four reasons why:


1- You might know that you HAVE bed bugs in your home, but WHERE they are is a harder question. Bed bugs are reclusive by nature. They are only active at night and spend their days hiding out of sight.


If you spot bed bugs at all, it is often in and around your mattress, headboard, or around other soft furniture such as a couch or chair. They may also hide in linens or piles of clothes. Bed bugs thrive in clutter, so the more “stuff” around to hide in, the harder it will be to find the bed bugs.


2- Even a single bed bug left alive creates the possibility of a new infestation.


Even if you are able to find the bed bugs, you cannot fully remove them from your home without eliminating the entire population. A single female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs at once, so any bugs that survive treatment make a resurgence likely. Since bed bugs often spread throughout the home over time, you can’t be confident that the full infestation has been eliminated without a thorough inspection.


Even for a professional, a thorough bed bug inspection often takes a couple of hours. Follow up visits are also essential to ensure that the entire pest population is handled.


3- Bed bugs are resistant to all but the strongest treatments. Unfortunately, few DIY products are powerful or thorough enough to eliminate a bed bug problem. Most infestations require multiple rounds of professional-grade treatment covering most, if not all, of the home. This is essential for ensuring that every last bed bug is removed from the home.


While DIY treatments can be a great option for small scale pest problems, you don’t want to count on them when it comes to bed bugs.


4- Bed bugs spread EVERYWHERE. It is well known that one of the most common ways that bed bugs enter a home is through luggage and travel. Just as bed bugs are able to enter your home through these methods, you can also bring bed bugs with you on clothing, luggage, or even a purse.


While it is less common for bed bugs to hitch a ride out of your home, it is always a possibility. Homeowners dealing with bed bugs often have to completely clean out their clothing, storage, and luggage in order to thoroughly check for bed bugs.


In sum, bed bugs are a tough pest to handle. It is critical to prevent new infestations in your home and stop any existing ones in their tracks.


If you are dealing with bed bugs, don’t wait another day to start treatment. Call us today at 770-479-1598 to schedule a FREE inspection!

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