Fall pest control

As I’m writing this, the weather here in Georgia is still the familiar heat and humidity of summertime. But fall isn’t far off, and big changes to pest activity will follow the changing of the seasons.


Homeowners need to prepare for the unique pest threats which emerge as the weather gets cooler. Here’s what you need to know:

While some pests live outdoors seasonally, they are able to remain active indoors year-round.


Most people associate the activity of pests such as ants, termites, and other insect pests to the warmer parts of the year, but this can be a costly mistake.


While it’s true that many of these pests die off or go dormant during the fall and winter, this is only true for pests outdoors. Pests already inside your home enjoy a temperature climate year-round. In some cases, they may remain active throughout the fall and winter season while homeowners rest under a false sense of security.


This is particularly troublesome for destructive pests like termites. You may have your home inspected in spring only to find months of termite damage already inflicted upon your home.


Some pests are more active in cold weather.


While the activity of insect pests will be generally reduced, wildlife issues tend to be more prevalent during the winter season.


Many wildlife pests seek shelter as the weather cools. They may set up shop in your garage, attic, basement, or crawlspace.


While these areas may not seem too comfortable to us, these parts of your home are the ideal nesting sites for many wildlife pests.


Various species of squirrels may establish nests in the rafters of your attic. They often build their nests using materials around the space, which can result in damage to insulation, wiring, and pipes.


Mice and rats may also invade your home. They typically prefer dark and secluded areas with high moisture content. This preference naturally draws them towards basements and crawlspaces. Once they have established a nest, their population grows exponentially. If left unchecked, you can face a serious infestation that may spread to other parts of your home.


The presence of these wildlife species in your home may attract predatory pests as well. Snakes will sometimes follow rodent pests into the home while hunting. Once inside, they often hide in out of the way areas, so it may be difficult to identify them for a while.


Enough nightmare fuel. Let’s discuss how to protect your home this fall.


To ensure pest activity does not continue during the fall and winter, homeowners should schedule an inspection of their home at the start of fall.


A trained pest professional will identify any evidence of pest activity in your home and provide treatment solutions for any issues that arise.


Additionally, they can also note any structural vulnerabilities pests may exploit and provide solutions to resolving these issues.


If you are a north Georgia homeowner concerned about your home this fall, Canton Termite and Pest Control is your one-call solution!


My team and I have decades of experience handling pest problems of all types. We offer FREE inspections and use the information we gather to create a targeted treatment plan to handle existing pest problems and prevent future infestations!


To learn more, give us a call at 770-479-1598!

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Fall pest control
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