Pumpkins, bonfires, and ….Roaches


Here we are at the beginning of my favorite time of year; fall brings apple cider, pumpkin carving, bonfires, and delightfully cooler days.



Except for one little problem, or should I say many little, skittering, disgusting, creepy problems. Roaches are in full-on invasion mode. And why might you ask? Well, let’s get into that subject and find out together just why, oh why, are the roaches out to ruin our autumn fun.


First of all, you should be aware that there are around 120 species of roaches here in Georgia. I know, daunting statistics. Let’s just focus on one of those varieties for today. There are about 7 species that really tend to cause issues in and closely around our homes, but there is one who has an ability you may not have realized exists in the roach world.



The Smokey Brown cockroach is unique in that, gulp, he is the only one who is an expert at flight!


Yep, that’s right. Now does that make your skin crawl or what?


Add to the flying capability the fact that this guy is large in the roach world at 1.5 inches long. These roaches are typically a dark cherry or mahogany color and have long wings extending the length of their bodies. The immature nymphs are around ⅛ of an inch and have a white band that extends across their back region. They also have a white area on the front portion of the antennae area. Sometimes these roaches are confused with American or Oriental varieties. The
Smokey Brown doesn’t have the yellow coloration found on the American. It is important to note that different roaches require different treatment approaches, so the homeowner needs a trained expert to be sure they know just what they are dealing with in the home.


We are often asked if the weather or season has an impact on the roach population. The answer is yes. As far as weather, rain, and temperature are factors. Too much rain can drown out their usual outdoor haunts causing them to seek shelter in your cozy house. Too little rain will cause their tree hole to dry up, and remember they need high humidity to survive. So once again, your home is a safe harbor for these invaders. Then there is the seasonal aspect. These roaches enjoy warmer temperatures so your 70-degree thermostat setting is rather ideal. Also, as the roaches reach maturity, they begin the breeding cycle which tends to be around the fall of the year for Georgia.


The Smokey is the most common roach found in suburban neighborhoods of Georgia. Hardwood trees are the most frequented habitat of this variety of insects as they take advantage of tree-hole areas. So many times, homeowners may simply see the Smokey passing through as they head for another hardwood tree home. However, here’s the problem, they are more than happy to reside in your crawlspace, wall voids, attics, and really anywhere with a high level of humidity and protection from wind and weather. And if they do move in, without intervention, many generations of roaches may set up housekeeping. But don’t lose heart, there’s hope!


The Canton, Georgia, homeowners can take significant steps to safeguard their homes against this rather nasty invader. Many times, the roach comes in because they are carried in on firewood or in boxes from garage or storage shed areas. Check carefully before carrying in materials from outside areas. Secondly, remember that any cracks and crevices around doors, windows, and pipes should be correctly sealed to prevent easy entry. Because roaches are most active at night, your lights draw the attention of the roach so be sure to keep doors and windows closed when not in use. Water is a major source of interest to the Smokey Brown so leaks are prime targets for these humidity-loving creatures. All pests need a food source, and in the case of Smokey Browns, they will eat plant materials, fecal matter, dead insects, and human food scraps among other things. Remove your trash and keep a healthy cleaning regimen in your home for the best results.


Besides seeing the roaches, there are other signs that you may have a roach problem. Roaches leave a black-colored substance almost like a tar substance. If you want to know what it is, well, let’s just say an excretion and leave it at that.


The best plan to get rid of existing roach infestations or to make sure you stay free of infestations is to call a trustworthy expert in the field. At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have a multi-step approach to our services. First, our trained technicians will do a thorough inspection of your home to find accessible areas that are attractive to pests. Many times, there are exterior cracks that need to be repaired and caulking that needs to be placed in order to keep the insects outside. If the Smokey Brown roach is the problem, then the technician determines the best plan of action. Many times, the method used is a bait system. Baits are a good option because they carry the slow-acting ingredients back to the rest of the roaches, thus ensuring the baits reach a bigger population and have a wider effect. It’s always better to have a plan and an experienced, trained expert is your best bet for quick, efficient resolution. Plus, who really wants to spray pesticides willy-nilly in places that aren’t even an effective solution?


Call us today to keep the roaches outside so you can be happily bug-free inside!


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By: Robin


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