It’s a new year, and there is no better time to get your home secured against insect and wildlife pests!

But with frost on the ground, it can be hard to take the threat of pests seriously. After all, pests are usually a warm-weather problem, right?


Why winter is no time to take a break on pest control:


While that might seem intuitive, sadly pests don’t take a winter break. In fact, winter can be one of the most troubling times for pests infestations because your home may be the only haven they have against the cold.


Most insect pests cannot survive the cold weather, and thus they either die off during the cold seasons or go dormant. However, this is only the case for insects living outdoors. An infestation in your home can survive and thrive all year long. Termites feeding in your basement have no idea it’s cold outside, so they’ll keep on making a meal out of your house throughout the season.

Unfortunately, homeowners may let their guard down during the winter season, skipping out on inspections or treatments. This can allow pests months of undisturbed time during which they can establish a tenacious infestation.


This is especially troubling with destructive pests like termites. By the time spring rolls around and your home is inspected, significant damage to the structure may have already occurred. Additionally, the more established the infestation, the longer and more difficult it is to eradicate the threat.


In short, wintertime is no time to be taking a break from your pest control. Keeping your home secured against pests is a year-round job, and homeowners who neglect this can find themselves in a lot of trouble come spring.


Protecting your home against pests:


Beyond simple necessity, getting your home serviced during the winter has a few advantages. Firstly, your pest control provider is usually less busy during the winter season. This makes it much easier to schedule an appointment and allows them more time to comb over your home and identify pest threats.


Further, getting a headstart on treatment makes sure that your home is secure before the pest swarming season begins. While swarming season typically falls sometime in the spring, the exact timing can vary depending on the weather. In years with unusually warm weather (like this one!), it is not uncommon to see an unexpected boost in pest activity earlier.


By having your home treated ahead of time, you can ensure that you are fortified against these threats long before it becomes an issue.


Lastly, for Canton Termite and Pest Control Customers, planning out your year of pest control ahead of time can save you money! For the month of January, we are providing 10% off your household pest control and termite control if you pay the year in advance during the month of January!


We value the commitment and trust of our customers greatly, so it’s only natural that we want to reward you for committing to us ahead of time! With just a call, you can secure your home against pests for 2020 AND enjoy great savings! It’s just that easy!


So if you are looking for pest solutions that you can count on, look no further than the most trusted local company in the business! We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the pest control industry and are committed to providing industry-leading solutions to your pest threats!


For a pest solution that works at a fair rate, give us a call TODAY at 770-479-1598! My team and I will be happy to help you in any way that we can!

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Winter Pest Control in Canton Georgia
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