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When it comes to keeping your home pest-free, asking the right questions is almost as important as taking preventative actions. Your home is unique, and therefore your pest protection plan must be as well. Matching your protection to the unique pest vulnerabilities of your home is critical.

In short, there is no one size fits all approach.


To make the right choices for your home, you need an inspection of your home by a trained professional. To get the most out of that inspection, you need to be able to ask the right questions to your technician.


So, without further ado, here are our top 5 questions to ask your technician during a termite inspection:


1- What type of termiticide treatment is best for my home, and why?


There are actually multiple forms of termiticide treatment which can be more and less effective depending on environmental factors. Typically, your termite control provider will use some form of either bait stations or liquid treatment.


Since each has its own advantages, it is difficult to say what would be best for your home prior to the inspection. However, by asking your technician for their reasoning behind using one product over another can be insightful and help you better understand your home’s pest protection system.


2- Ask your technician if any drilling/trenching will be necessary for treatment application


Since termites are subterranean dwellers, effective termiticide barriers must be placed approximately 12 inches below the surface of the soil. This can require displacement of the soil around the foundation of your home, which can cause issues if you have greenery or mulch in that area.


Fortunately, recent innovations have allowed for liquid termiticide to be applied without the need for trenching. The Termidor HP2 Injection System, for example, applies treatment down to the critical level from the soil surface. This eliminates the need for trenching. It is worth your while to ask if your termite treatment provider has access to this or similar tech for treatment.


3-Ask what you can do to keep your home pest-free.


Managing pests requires a lot more than just applying periodic treatment. Half of the battle is won in the elimination of conducive conditions that allow pests to thrive. Keeping your home free of water damage, cleaned regularly, and properly sealing stored food all go a long way to stop pests.


Your home is unique, which means that your collection of pest vulnerabilities is unique. The technician inspecting your home can be a wealth of knowledge on your best steps for keeping pests away. Take advantage of their expertise!


4-What guarantees do you offer on treatment?


If you are getting treatment alongside your inspection, you will want to know what guarantees the company places on that deal. For example, ask your technician if they have a retreatment policy if the pests are not eliminated. Make sure whatever company you hire is confident enough in the quality of their work to guarantee your satisfaction.


5-Do you have references?


Any pest control company worth your while should have plenty of references or reviews to offer you. Asking for someone to contact may be a bit slow, so your best bet is to check out their Google reviews.


If a company lacks a longrunning positive review history, you may want to think twice about investing in their pest management services.


By asking the right questions, you can get a lot more value out of your termite inspections and other pest services. Pest technicians are a valuable resource to learn everything you need about keeping your home pest-free!


If you are in need of termite control this year, don’t delay! Termite swarming season is just around the corner, and your home will be at risk unless you call in the experts.


Canton Termite and Pest Control is a fixture of the Cherokee County pest industry. We have decades of experience handling all types of termites, insects, and wildlife pests!


Call today at 770-479-1598 for a FREE inspection and ask us about our new Termidor HP2 Termite treatment!

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