While it is certainly no secret that termites cause damage to homeowners, the level of destruction is somewhat mind-boggling. These destructive pests cause billions of dollars of damage every, single year to homeowners around the world. The treatment and repair of damage spent as a result of termite infestation is a tremendous burden to all those affected. As a resident of the Canton or Cartersville areas, you probably already know the threat which termites can pose to your home.


If you are familiar with termites, you might know there is a wide variety of termite species found in Georgia. Each species has a unique feeding pattern and capacity for destructive behaviors, and so it is important that homeowners understand the possible risks each of these varieties can cause.


Although any of the termite species found in our home state can be destructive under the right circumstances, there is a particularly aggressive and problematic species beginning to threaten Georgia. The Formosan termite is a rare pest but is tremendously destructive when they invade a home.


So what’s so special about these Formosan termites, and should homeowners be concerned about their activity?


Formosan termites are an invasive species of termite originally introduced to the United States in the years after World War II. Researchers believe they entered our country through a port location but exactly where is not known.


Once in America, the Formosan termite spread rapidly throughout the country in wooden railroad cross-ties and other wood-related items. The Southeast has proven to be the perfect breeding ground for this unwanted invader, with warmer temperatures and moist conditions present.


The difference in behavior between the Formosan and other termites can be noted in their ability to create above-ground shelters called carbon nests. These nests are generally created from dirt and a binding agent produced directly from the worker insect itself. Carbon nests allow the Formosan to access the moisture they need which other termite species must get out of the soil itself. For this reason, Formosan termites can get to parts of your home that are not possible for other termites needing constant moisture from the environment. This in itself makes them a formidable enemy of the home.


Formosan termites typically begin their initial infestation during what is called swarm season. During a swarm, the winged reproductive termites, called alates, leave the home nests. Their purpose is to mate and find a new colony location. Most termites attack a building or home from below the surface, however, the Formosan termite sometimes establishes carbon nests in gutters, the eaves of the roof, and other areas normally not associated with termite vulnerability. The fact that these pests can bypass the usual treatment barriers of a liquid or bait system makes them especially hard to keep out!


Once established, the termite has an active infestation in your home, and the Formosan termites can rapidly create major havoc. Nicknamed “super termites” Formosan termites are one of the most destructive wood-destroying pest species in the world. This is primarily due to their rapid feeding habits and large colony sizes. Formosans can form sure colonies which can contain millions of termites. A single queen can be responsible for laying over a thousand eggs a day. Now that is rapid growth.

Spreading in your home, the Formosan builds tubes of mud which allow the spread of the colony throughout the structure. The tubes are the most obvious evidence that termite destruction is underway in a building. If the infestation continues, this pest can cause massive amounts of structural damage to any wood-based material.


This may all sound quite scary to the homeowner, and the fact of the matter is that most Georgia residents do not need to worry about this particular termite species. Formosan termites are indeed very destructive and expensive, but they are also relatively rare. Just a few pockets of Georgia have shown to be home to active Formosan colonies of any significant size. Odds are, the Canton and Cartersville resident will not likely have issues with this variety of pests.

This is not to say north Georgia is not home to other termite species, however! Swarm season is around the corner, and as soon as warm weather begins to approach our little corner of the world, we will see the return of the termites. Canton and Cartersville, along with the rest of north Georgia is home to several native termite species. The threat to local homes is present and the need to be vigilant in our protection is vital.


Schedule a free inspection of your home in order to protect your home. Finding this invader before damage is done to your home is of utmost importance.


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