Fruit Flies Are In the HOUSE!


What is the most embarrassing dinner party I’ve ever thrown? Well, there are a few contenders throughout the years. There’s the dinner party I forgot I was throwing, the dinner party with the burned meat, oh and the dinner party without enough food. Yeah, those were bad; however, the coup de resistance has to be the great fruit fly emersion. Sound ominous? Picture this…my finest china on the table, the smell of perfectly roasted meat and baked bread, and the laughter of friends…all interrupted by the simple movement of a hand removing a banana from my fruit bowl. Honestly, it had not been weeks or months…no it had been days since I filled that bowl with fresh fruit from the store. But days are all it took for the population explosion of my then-unknown enemy…the fruit fly.


So what is a fruit fly and where do they come from? Thank you for asking. These little pests are tiny, around ⅛ of an inch long. They are brown in coloration in the front with a black backside. But here’s the creepy thing…those suckers are red-eyed! Fortunately, they are so small you can’t really see the freaky-looking eyes much. You can easily identify them by their zig-zag flying around your fruit. They really like decaying fruits and veggies. Umm…yuck. The adults can fly in through unscreened windows, holes, open doors. Another way they enter your home is from food items brought in from the store or garden.


Now that we know what they are and where they come from, let’s answer the question of what they want with my fruit. So here’s the thing. The adult fruit fly is looking for a place to lay her eggs, and like any good mama, she wants to feed her babies. Sounds reasonable, but not in my kitchen, please ma’am! One, just one, the female can lay up to 500 eggs. Those 500 eggs transition from eggs to adults in a week. That is 7 days, my friends. 500 babies turn into 500 zoomings, annoying, embarrassing flies in days. And that is if only ONE mama fly gets into your fruit.

Yikes! It isn’t just your fruit bowl but also places like your pantry, your garbage can, your disposal, your drains, and get this…a wet mop that can house the lowly fruit fly. No food in these places, but it will do in a pinch since it is damp and homey.


What does all this mean to me and you? In addition to the obvious embarrassment and frustration of dealing with an infestation, we have to be aware of the potential of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms deposited by these insects.


How to deal with the issue is the most important question we have to answer. First of all, prevention is the best cure. Keep your fruit in the refrigerator and watch carefully any unrefrigerated fruit and veggies. Get rid of old, decaying fruit. Also, cleaning is a major part of prevention. Wipe down any fruit bowls, cabinet surfaces, or spills in the refrigerator. I also purchase a citrus-type spray that I keep under my sink to spray fresh fruits and veggies to wash them. This will get rid of any unseen visitors before they start family planning in your fruit bowl. Seal up any outdoor windows and door where insects could gain access.


What if you are beyond prevention? Find the source of your problem and get rid of the breeding invitation to the fruit fly. You can swat as many adults as you want, but that will not solve your problem. Get rid of the source of food and home for the fly. Your local pest control company can be a helpful ally in this fight. Canton Termite and Pest Control are always ready to help you make your home pest-free. Call us at 770-479-1598 if you are having problems with fruit flies or any other household pest. Let us help you keep unwanted guests out of your home. Meanwhile, I’m heading to check the fruit bowl!



Pesky Fruit Flies

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