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It’s bad enough that you have termites eating your house, but then there is the damage that can come with getting rid of them. In the past, termite treatment meant drilling unsightly holes in your patio and garage floor and watching as trenches are dug all-around your home, sometimes uprooting plants and expensive landscaping. But creating a barrier of repellent product is essential to protecting your home and until very recently, digging and drilling were the most effective tools we had on our toolbelt. But all that has changed with the Advanced Termidor HP2 (High Precision) Injection System.


That’s right, there’s a new system in town! At Canton Termite, we feel it is important to stay at the forefront of the industry and were one of the very first companies in Georgia to have access to this innovative system. Our technicians were required to have advanced service training, and our trucks had to be retrofitted with the necessary equipment. While this was an additional expense to us, the labor savings helped us keep the cost for you, the customer, virtually the same while providing much better treatment.


The Termidor HP uses a unique system that evenly distributes the repellant product, making sure no area is unprotected. Also, the treatment is applied without the need for trenching. The product is injected from the surface level with the new high-pressure hydraulic trenching unit. This unit injects the product deep into the ground where the termites are trying to tunnel up to your home’s foundation. This is a much cleaner process and avoids most of the normal damage from hand digging trenches close to the foundation of your house.  This unit can also be used to go around the perimeter of decks, porches, and patios. It is no longer necessary in most situations to dig holes and remove deck boards to ensure proper treatment. The accuracy of the equipment is unparalleled. Before, the technician had to do his or her best to measure by hand and get the quantities equal and even. But now, this new computer-controlled system applies the exact amount of product necessary at each treatment point around the foundation. An accurate record is synced with the manufacturer’s website to ensure accurate calculations.


While this equipment is fairly new, the Termidor product has been tested for decades to ensure its effectiveness and longevity in the soil. Really, this is the best of both worlds. A proven and effective product (Termidor) is applied in a more sophisticated way.


To sum it up, let’s look at the main advantages of this system. The Termidor HP is faster and less labor-intensive. It is precise and extremely effective. Your lawn and landscaping are less disturbed due to the non-unobtrusive nature of the system. Treatments are accurate to 1/10 ounce. And even better is the fact that the system is environmentally friendly, using far less water than previous methods.


In short, Canton Termite is always seeking new and better ways to maximize our effectiveness and your satisfaction. Termites are part of life here in Georgia, but your home does not have to be a victim of their destruction. If your home is unprotected, give us a call at 770-479-1598 for a free inspection and estimate.

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