If you live in the Canton, Ga. area, you are almost certainly familiar with scorpions.

Scorpions are probably one of the most hated pests for your average person. They join snakes and spiders in the group of “Creatures Everyone Hates for Being What They Are.” While scorpions certainly are not warm and fuzzy creatures, they are not entirely without use.

Cherokee County Georgia Scorpions

Like spiders, scorpions are predators and will kill and eat other insects, including harmful insects. They inhabit much of the world and there are around 1750 species.

While scorpions originally did not inhabit some places, such as Great Britain, human commerce has spread them to inhabit all parts of the world other than Antarctica.

Typically, when people think of scorpions, they imagine the giant scorpions of the desert that grow to over a foot in length. Fortunately for us, most scorpions are not more than an inch or so in size. All scorpions have a stinger, and while no scorpion in North America can harm a healthy adult, children and the elderly should seek medical attention if stung. Interestingly, scorpions do not typically sting prey unless necessary, preferring to simply use force to kill and eat prey rather than venom.

Often scorpions will move into basements of homes or in vents that open up to the outside, they often will hide inside of leaf piles, in garages, and other dark, shady areas. Scorpions prey on other insects, so if you have a preexisting insect problem in your home scorpions could become an issue as well.

Scorpions are also commonly found inside piles of rubbish and debris, so make sure to keep the property around your home clear of debris. While a scorpion sting is not necessarily harmful to your health, they do hurt and stepping on a scorpion never ends well.

If you find yourself stung by a scorpion, immediately clean the sting with soap and water, and then put a cold compress on it. If you are unable to identify the species of scorpion, or the sting appears to become worse, call poison control.

Naturally, you don’t want to have scorpions anywhere near your home, and here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we don’t want that either. So let us help you. We service all of Cherokee County Georgia.

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Scorpions in Canton Georgia
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