Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have seen a significant increase in foreign wildlife recently.


Around the country, there have been reports of new and unusual wildlife, known as Pokemon, making an appearance. Our team was naturally concerned about this, and we have been in intense training for the past week preparing a response team.

In our research, we have identified several common types of these wildlife. Below is a list of confirmed species that our team has encountered, as well as information related to potential risks, normal habitat locations, and behavioral patterns.

 Pickachu toy character from Pokemon anime.




This small, mouselike creature can be found in surrounding grasslands, forests, and sometimes urban environments. It is approximately 13.2 Ibs and slightly over 1’ tall. If you encounter this creature, it is important to remain cautious due to its ability to generate electricity from its body.



This Pokemon can be best identified as a blue turtle. It is known to inhabit areas near to sources of water. The creature is approximately 19.8 Ibs and stands at almost 2’ tall. Remain cautious when approaching this creature. Our team found this creature to be difficult to capture, and we found the high pressure blasts of water it generates to be stronger than anticipated.




In the decades I have spent as a wildlife and pest control specialist, I have never encountered a creature more dangerous than this. At approximately 22 Ibs of weight and only about 3’ of length, it may seem peaceful. Do not allow its small size and seeming lack of strength to confuse you, this is a terrifying creature.We have been unable to capture this creature nor identify any weaknesses it has. It seems to be so confident in its strength, it simply splashes at anything near to it. If you encounter this creature, DO NOT APPROACH!


Capture Methods:


Fortunately, through extensive research and development, our team has acquired a cutting-edge technological tool to assist us in dealing with this new wildlife epidemic. This device combines advanced engineering with recent advances in theoretical physics to capture the creatures and place them inside of a small, spherical object codenamed the Pokeball. With this device, our team has reported success in capturing even the most elusive creatures, and we are considering expanding their use to traditional wildlife. As we continue to research, we will develop an increasingly effective method to humanely capture these creatures.

 Our team here at Canton Termite and Pest Control wishes you all luck in your quest to “Catch Em’ All!” We remind everyone to be safe and have fun. If you ever need any help catching Pokemon, or any other wildlife or pest, call us at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to assist you in any way that we can!

I would like to thank my son Aaron for providing me with his expert knowledge for this post.

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Pokemon Pest Control
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