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Class: Diplopoda
Food Preferred:

Millipedes can be a major pest in some homes in the Canton/Cherokee County areas, especiall in the Spring and Fall.

The live and reproduce in leaves and decaying plant matter.

Habitat: Millipedes live underneath anything similar to humid spaces underneath rocks, houses, and logs.

Range: Millipedes are found in temperate and warm climates worldwide.

Description: Two pairs of jointed legs sit on each body segment, with more than twenty segments per millipede. Most do not grow beyond a foot in length, and are colored in various patterns.

Discussion: Millipedes are serious garden and household pests, being frequent offenders in greenhouses and gardens, where they can destroy progressively more plant life as they reproduce.

Millipedes pose a particular threat to unprotected seedlings. As to how they affect your home, a millipede colony will grow very quickly if left untreated, and have the capability to infest a house with great speed.

Risks: Some millipedes have chemicals that are secreted from pores along the segments of their body, which act as a defense mechanism and an irritant to predators that contact the exoskeleton of the millipede, including humans.

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Pest control in Cherokee Co. – Millipedes in Canton Georgia
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