Orbweaver Spider of Georgia

Orbweaver spiders. Orbweavers make up around 25% of all spider species in the world. You will often spot them by their webs, which are designed in a spiral, orb shape(hence the name). These spiders are actually beneficial to humans, they will capture other insects that might be irritating, such as mosquitoes or wasps, and help to control their population. The only time that spiders become a problem to humans is when they either form webs inside of structures or when they are too numerous around your home. Spiders often like the cold, dark environments of basements and air vents, and will enter your home in search of prey. They often get into homes through poorly sealed windows and doors, or in boxes or other carry in containers. If they reproduce inside of your home, spiders can sometimes become numerous and be a nuisance to deal with. While they are not inherently dangerous to humans, no one likes having spiders around their home. Let’s be honest, spiders are unpleasant and most people would rather not deal with them, so let our professionals help you out. If you are having issues with spiders inside of your home, call or text us today at 770-479-1598! Our expert technicians will be able to help identify the problem and get rid of the nuisance of spiders in your home. So if you want your problems solved quickly and easily, give us a call today!

By: Tim

Orbweaver Spiders in Canton Georgia
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