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Despite what some might think, pest control is a lot more than just pesticide. The fact is, you can do a lot to help manage pests in your home before using any pesticide products.


But why is this? For one simple reason: Preventable environmental factors in and around your home are the main reason that you are dealing with pests.


Small problems around your home may not seem like an issue. A little bit of spilled food or a little water leak might seem unimportant, but the truth is that these types of problems can attract pests to your home and allow them to thrive. These problems can cause persistent pest problems, and to make matters worse, you may not be able to recognize them.


To help homeowners better protect their homes from pests, we at Canton Termite and Pest Control wanted to provide a list of the 5 Most Common Pest Attractions in your home.


  1. Dirty Dishes and Spilled Food:


It may not surprise you to learn that food stains and spills can be a major attraction for pests. Unwashed dishes often have bits of food left on them, which can attract scavenging pests such as ants or roaches. Similarly, spilled food around kitchens, patios, or pantries can invite pest activity in and around your home.


  1. Warm Environment:


As the weather grows colder, many pests struggle to survive the low temperatures. This can prompt them to seek out shelters that can provide them with tolerable temperatures throughout the winter season. Your home’s warmth can be both a major attraction to outside pests and allow indoor infestations to survive well past their normal season.


If pests such as termites, which normally are dormant in the winter, manage to invade your home, they may survive and spread throughout your home in secret. In this scenario, y the time spring returns and your home is inspected for pests, significant damage could already be done.


  1. Garbage:


Garbage, rotten fruit, and compost can be a major attraction to pests. Similarly to stored food, garbage that is not correctly sealed can be a beacon for pests such as roaches and flies.


Further, many wildlife pests are attracted to garbage. Pests such as raccoons may get into your garbage bins if they are not correctly sealed, and this can quickly result in a big mess. Fruits and vegetables should be kept sealed and refrigerated so that they do not attract flies or other pests.


  1. Moisture:


It is easy to not think much of a little leak or a bit of water damage, but the truth is that these types of issues can be a major cause of pest problems in your home. Both insect and wildlife pests require moisture to survive, and a home that provides them with moist environments is one they’ll keep coming back to.


If you have any leaks around your home or dripping faucets, you should have these fixed as quickly as possible. Further, if you find older water damage in a secluded part of your home, that area should be inspected for evidence of pest activity.


  1. Exterior Access Points:


Regardless of WHY pests are getting into your home, an important question in determining your pest control strategy is the HOW. Many small insect pests are able to exploit tiny cracks or gaps in the walls or floors of your home. They may also access the home through the basement or crawlspace.


To keep your home free from pests, you should make sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed. You should also check for wood-to-ground contact around the foundation of the home and screen your gutters and vents.


Are there more reasons why pests are coming into my home?


Absolutely, the fact is, every home has a unique set of circumstances that may or may not be creating an environment hospitable to pests. To identify specific issues with your home, your best option is to call in a licensed pest control professional to inspect your home.


At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have decades of experience dealing with pest and wildlife problems faced by residents all around Cherokee County! We employ a range of industry-leading treatment strategies that are designed to safely, effectively, and quickly eradicate pests from your home, regardless of the type and severity of the infestation!


So if you are in need of a knowledgeable, reliable pest control service, give us a call today at 770-479-1598! We will be happy to help in any way that we can!


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