Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) on white background

Canton Termite and Pest Control handles an extensive assortment of pests common within Georgia, and stinkbugs are certainly within that large population. Stinkbugs are a particular risk to gardens and tend to be an exasperating presence within your household as well.

If stinkbugs have a location to reproduce around your home, which could be anywhere that provides nourishment to the species, they will do so in hiding, until they are discovered ruining gardens or otherwise. Stinkbugs will increase in number far more quickly if the climate is warm and humid. Georgia, as we all know, provides ample supply of both heat and humidity, so this is a major location of growth for a stinkbug population.

The stinkbug, as the name implies, emits a highly unpleasant odor, and this smell worsens quite dramatically if they are stepped on or are threatened. Stinkbugs have been known to cause dermatitis and conjunctivitis when the chemicals emitted by their dorsal scent glands come into contact with the skin or eyes. If the stinkbugs are excessively present within your home or garden and your family is exposed frequently to the nasty smell and is in direct contact with the pest, then rhinitis can also be a side effect of their presence.

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Regarding the damage that is done to your gardens, understand that stinkbugs are herbivores, which implies that they possess a keen appreciation for your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. If your home boasts a garden or a particular arrangement of flora that you want to protect, then contact us to rid you of stinkbugs to prevent additional damage. An important part of stinkbug control is dealing with the infestation early, especially within prime seasons of their reproductive cycles, such as from May to August.

You will see a great rise in stinkbug presence around your home when they emerge from their final stage of metamorphosis, which usually occurs around the months of April and May. Treatment during either of these periods of the year provides critical protection against an unfriendly population of stinkbugs.

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