When dealing with a pest infestation, some homeowners are hesitant at first to call in a licensed pest control company. After all, if the problem can be fixed with an easy over the counter solution, why go to the trouble and expense of calling in a professional?

Further, some homeowners are concerned that a professional treatment would be overkill. Is it really necessary to have a treatment for just a few bugs?

However, while these concerns and questions are natural, recent findings have found that, in some instances, an over the counter treatment solution may be ineffective and even hazardous.

But why is this, and what should homeowners be concerned about?

To clarify, we are not claiming that ALL over the counter products is ineffective against pests. Specifically, we are referring to some recent research from North Carolina State University that has shown complete release foggers (AKA “bug bombs”) are largely ineffective in treating cockroaches.

These findings come as no surprise, some industry experts and researchers have long suspected that these types of products are unable to effectively reach the areas that pests such as roaches converge.

The study used 10 homes infested with German roaches as an experimental site. Each home was treated with a bug bomb following all procedures and code, but ultimately the researchers found that the treatments had little to no impact on the pest populations.

But how could this be?

Essentially, while the bug bombs contain powerful insecticides that can kill pests if they are exposed, their pattern of release often focuses pesticides in the open areas of kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that you might make use of them in. Since roaches tend to hide in cracks, crevices, and other dark, secluded areas, the treatments never reach them.

While some roaches are exposed to the treatments while they scavenge, the numbers that succumb to the insecticide are far lower than the average reproductive rate of an infestation. As such, you can barely put a dent in your roach problem using a fogger “bug bomb”.

Comparatively, the same researchers found that professional grade treatments were significantly more effective in dealing with cockroach problems. Homes treated using professional grade products and methodologies were roach free after only a few weeks.

While this difference in results speaks for itself, there is another concern that the researchers identified with “bug bomb” use. After releasing the bug bombs in the test homes, researchers swabbed the surfaces such as tables, kitchen countertops, and flooring to measure the levels of insecticide residue.

Shockingly, they found that these surfaces had insecticide levels that averaged 600 times above their baseline. This massive increase showed that most of the treatment products released by foggers remained on the surfaces, making treated environments potentially toxic to humans and pets. Essentially, this residue was left on areas that, while unpopular roaming grounds for roaches, were of frequent use for humans and pets.

The takeaway from these findings is that homeowners should think twice before resorting to over the counter pesticide products. While some can be an effective way to deal with small pest problems, you can’t always know for sure just how effective the products you buy are.

On the other hand, professionals buy only the highest quality of treatment problems and are required by law to have proper training and documentation for use. This ensures that any products used by professionals in and around your home are effective and used in safe, documented quantities.

So next time you see a pest scurry across your kitchen floor, think twice before grabbing your keys to head to buy a quick fix. Instead, pick up your phone and schedule an inspection of your home with a trusted pest control provider. This will ensure that you get a pest solution that is safe, effective, and fast acting!

At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we are the bug killing pros! We have decades of experience dealing with all kinds of insect and wildlife pest problems. We employ only the highest quality of products and treatment methodologies as a part of our commitment to providing you safe, industry-leading service quality!

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