Cicada killers are a species of large wasps that are common all across the Southeast. They are approximately two inches long and have a yellow/black body coloration. The males of the species are about two times smaller than the females. Their size and brownish colored wings often cause them to be misidentified as European hornets. For this reason, many people are afraid to approach them, especially when they are in large numbers.        

Fortunately, despite the similarities in appearance, cicada killers do not share any the aggressive and dangerous nature of the European hornet. While female cicada killers can sting, they are not aggressive and will only sting a human under rare circumstances. Even if they were to sting, the sting of the cicada killer contains only mild venom, and is relatively painless.   As their name suggests, cicada killers primarily feed on cicadas. Cicada killers will capture prey using venom to paralyze the captured insect. Once this is accomplished, the cicada killer will take the prey back to a burrow and inject an egg into the captured prey. The egg will hatch and a larvae will feed the prey while it grows. Cicada killers pose no threat to humans, but their large size and similarity to European hornets can sometimes cause panic. Cicada killers can often be found in large numbers in a single area, and this can prove to be an issue when that area is near to homes and other buildings. Large swarms of cicada killers can appear to be dangerous, and will scare people away from businesses. They can also make it difficult to enjoy time outside of your home. Call Today 770-479-598 By: Tim

Cicada Killers- Big Hornets- Canton Georgia
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