A Family Affair


Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being a family and a hometown small business. So when one of our own announced his upcoming wedding plans, our bug family sprang into action. Everyone’s calendars were cleared for the exciting Friday morning event and whispers of gift ideas were circling the office. Finally, a fabulous gift basket was prepared and decisions of clothing choices were solidified. It was decided. The bug guys would wear their uniforms, with the exception of the best man and coworker, Nic Alday. The wedding preparation of Dwayne Epps and Jessica Yoder had begun.

Finally, the group was gathered in the town square of Canton, right across from the office. We chatted amongst the group and then began to meet and greet the family of the bride and groom. This was our first time meeting, but it wasn’t long before we felt like longtime friends. After all, we had common ground: the best wishes for a beautiful marriage between two people we all loved.


The officiant, Judge Tony Baker, arrived, having walked across from the courthouse. Tony is an old friend and lifelong Cherokee County, resident. Our family has known Tony and his beautiful family for years. Our boys went through scouts together and became Eagles with the same troop. Then other guests began to arrive, and wouldn’t you know it! There were greetings all around as most of us had some history with one another or at least with family. We saw a sweet lady we used to attend church with years ago and shared family updates. Life in Canton means smiles and hugs and community. It’s good to be part of a small town.


Finally, the moment had arrived. The first of the wedding party to arrive was a young man in a handsome suit and sunglasses. His long hair was in a smooth braid. There was a familiarity about him…then it struck us! This was our Nic! Nic is the newest to our bug team, and most of us had never seen him without the uniform. It took a second glance to positively identify our friend! Then the rest of the wedding party assembled. Dwayne nervously stood beside a grinning Judge Baker as his lovely bride, Jessica, made her way to the gazebo.


The ceremony was sweet and wonderful and thanks to Tony, legally official. Photos and videos were done by the teenage daughter of Canton Termite owners. Hope McWhirter did an amazing job creating beautiful memories of a special day and happily gave her time as a gift to the new couple. Why would a teenager do that? Because we are family, and that is what family does.

The evening celebration took place at the groom’s family home. Being invited and honored as part of his family made the day absolutely perfect. Hearing his mother say that working for us has been a huge blessing in Dwayne’s life reminded us of our sense of purpose. Family, community, and blessing…this is what a hometown business looks like. Our prayer is that Canton Termite continues to grow and always retains the honor of being part of the community and a part of the family.


By: Robin

Canton Termite family
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