I get a  flood of calls in the spring each year about Carpenter Bees attacking homes in Cherokee County. The name, Carpenter, comes from their habit of  building nests by making burrows in dead wood, bamboo, or structural timbers. This is a problem on structures around eves, trim and  door frames because of the unsightly holes and the weakening of structural components caused by these destructive pests. The Carpenter Bee season runs from March until about May, depending on the weather.

People will try traps, sprays and even tennis rackets to try to control these pests. While this may be good exercise, it doesn’t do much in way of protecting your home. In most cases, when forks call me, they’re tired of fooling around and watching as the Bees chew their house up. Don’t wait until your home is damaged and you’re stuck with expensive repairs before you call for professional help.

I have one customer who calls every year to treat his log cabin. The first year I worked for him, our company killed so many bees, the customer had to shovel the bees off the driveway for a week!  Now every year like clock work he call me to protect his home.

While  they damage wood, they don’t normally sting people. As a matter of fact the Male Bee, shown in the picture above, can’t sting at all. The black faced females can sting, so look out!

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Canton Termite and Pest Control – Carpenter Bees
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