Bugs and You: Cockroaches, Flies, and other nasty pests

Smokey Brown Roach in North Georgia
Smokey Brown Roach in North Georgia


  It may not seem commonplace to throw your food away if a fly lands on it—rather, most people will swipe at the fly to get it to go away, and then continue eating. What you are about to read may change your mind about whether or not that is what you choose to do.

All flies carry pathogens, mass amounts of bacteria, and disgusting habits that spread those microscopic dangers anywhere they land. When we speak of yellow fever, dengue fever, or typhoid fever, dysentery, malaria, and encephalitis, then a fly is involved in getting the organisms that cause those diseases to the victim. Biting flies and house flies alike, big problems can be caused by letting these insects hang around. The house fly is related to the above-mentioned diseases as well as anthrax and conjunctivitis! None of these diseases are enjoyable, and some of them are lethal. How often do you consider potential exposure to these diseases before you let your children eat after a fly lands on their food?

Let our professionals at Canton Termite and Pest Control help you deal with these pests! Call today at 770-479-1598. Now even though gnats may not be what you consider to be a fly, they pose similar threats, though less severe in ways. As stated in an article written earlier in the year for Canton Termite and Pest Control, you can have an infestation of several species, ranging from black gnats to fungus gnats, and their associated larvae. Depending on the species, gnats can post not just an annoyance to your family and friends, but a danger to your well-being. Particularly, female black gnats feed on blood, and can transmit multiple diseases to animals and humans alike.

Gnats will populate at a high rate, and their swarms will cause harm to anyone around them if they bite. When you consider the problems that gnats cause beyond simply irritation and even danger to your family, there is a host of issues that will present themselves. The first of these is what fungus gnats can do to plants. When a plant is repetitively overwatered, this is a good location for fungus gnats to lay their eggs. These eggs hatch quickly, and the larvae will feed on the plant itself. This will cause acute harm to the plant and eventually death, if the gnats are not dealt with, and this problem will repeat itself if standing water continues to be available to the adult fungus gnats for laying eggs. Due to the speed of their reproduction, fungus gnats

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can pose a threat to any kind of plant, whether they are decorative or edible plants. It is important to consult and/or bring in a professional to respond to gnat infestations of any sort because of the danger that the gnats will pose to plants, animals and humans. If you are worried about what gnats might be in your home and how to deal with them, call us today! I will mention one more bug and be done—cockroaches. Cockroaches are a well-known pest in America, are often used to represent filth and uncleanliness in a variety of media. What was previously considered just to be a smelly, unpleasant bug is now seen as a clear threat to human health.


Cockroaches quite often are the cause of allergic reactions in people with a predisposed allergy to the bug, causing dangerous asthmatic attacks to occur just from walking into a home or room. Cockroaches also are associated with gradual allergy development, meaning that you can become allergic if you are continually exposed to the bugs in your home! Children are especially vulnerable to this because they spend more time indoors, on the floor, etc. If a child obtains an allergy from being in an infested home, they will begin to have asthma attacks of increasing severity.

This can absolutely be life-threatening and needs to be dealt with immediately. The allergies may not be able to be changed, but you can rid your home of the cockroaches by calling a  professional at Canton Termite and Pest Control today! Cherokee County is known to have cockroach infestations in some homes simply due to

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) on white background
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys)

the population of cockroaches in the area, so if you think yours might be one of those homes, then call us immediately, even if you aren’t sure! We can do a thorough inspection and ensure the protection of your home and, more importantly, you and your family.




If you would like more information about cockroaches, flies, or gnats, then refer to other pages of Canton Termite and Pest Control’s website for detailed descriptions of each pest! If you have wildlife problems such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, snakes, or others, then access our wildlife website for more information on those pests! In either case, Canton Termite and Pest Control is dedicated to quality service in the area you need, when you need it. Have a blessed day!

— This article was authored by  Tim McWhirter Jr., Owner of Canton Termite and Pest Control

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