The best pest control service in town?

While we spend a lot of time discussing how homeowners should prevent and identify pests, we have not spent as much time talking about how to best pick a pest control service for your home.

The truth is, a reliable pest control company is an essential part of protecting your home. Professionals have the expertise, licensing, and knowledge to deal with complex and severe pest problems. Further, professional services have access to otherwise restricted products and treatment methodologies that are necessary to deal with more tenacious pests such as bed bugs and fleas.

That said, calling a pest control company to treat your home can be a tough decision. You must select a company that you think you can rely on to do a good job and that you trust enough to let them into your home. This is not a decision you should make lightly since the quality of a company can have a big impact on the expenses and frustration you incur during treatment.

But how exactly do you make that decision? While there is a lot of quality, trustworthy companies in the industry, it can be difficult to pick the right one without a lot of research. To help with this, we wanted to put together a short guide for homeowners who are vetting local pest companies. This should help you to identify any red flags early and choose a pest company that is right for you.

Licensing and Certification:

This is perhaps the most important item on this list and it should be your first question when evaluating a company. Any company that wants to legally operate in the pest control industry must be registered with the state and have special licenses and certificates that allow them to use professional grade products.

Unfortunately, there are some companies that will attempt to operate without any licensing or regulations on their work. This can be a major risk because there is no way to determine whether or not the company has the correct training and products to even be treating your home. This can create a lot of risk for you and these types of companies are often quite shady since they are illegally participating in the pest control industry.

A good pest control company should be happy to provide you with evidence of their registration, training, and licensing. Any companies or technicians that seem evasive on these subjects should be a red flag to customers.

Customer Service and Reputation:

Like many other service industries, pest control services are often a long-term relationship between a company and their customers. Since you may be working with your pest control provider for years, it is critical that the company you pick has friendly, polite, and reliable customer service.

A company that is evasive, slow, or unfriendly is not one that you will want to call when you have pests in your home. If the company is unconcerned with how they treat their customers, it is possible that they cut corners in other areas too.

Further, you should check out the general reputation of your company as much as possible. Online reviews (such as those provided by Google) can be very helpful in seeing the experiences other customers have had. A good pest control company should have a long list of pleased customers and should be willing to refer you to references if you are interested. This is especially true for smaller companies, which often have closer relationships with their clients.

Technicians and Safety:

The pest technician is the face of any pest control company. These are the people who come to your home to inspect and treat it. Since they have the most hands-on part of treating your home, it is essential that they are competent, thorough, and knowledgeable.

Much like a company needs special licensing and training, the technicians must undergo a certain amount of required training to remain up to date on products, pests, and treatment procedures. As such, they can be a valuable asset in advising you on how to best keep your home pest free.

If the technician seems to be unprofessional, unkempt, or not well-trained, you may want to think twice before letting them treat your home. Pesticide products have strict regulations on where and how they can be safely used, so it is essential for both the effectiveness of the treatment and for your health that the products applied to your home are treating with the proper care.


Ultimately, there is no strict set of requirements for a good pest control company, but by following this general advice you should be able to weed out any unsavory or unprofessional companies from your list.

It can be tough to pick a good pest control company, but for homeowners in Cherokee County, that choice is a whole lot easier. If you are looking for safe, reliable, and effective pest control services, Canton Termite and Pest Control is your one call solution! We offer a wide range of treatment options to handle any insect or wildlife pest problems that you might encounter safely and comprehensively!

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