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Most homeowners are already aware of the expense and frustration that a bed bug infestation in your home can bring. You would be correct in thinking that, true to their name, bed bugs most often infest mattresses, sheets, and other associated linens. However, the truth is that bed bugs can infest almost anywhere that has a secluded hiding place and is near to a live host. An example of this occurred recently to a Canadian family traveling to London. In this instance, the bed bugs had infested the seats on the plane, and the family and flight crew were unable to do anything about the issue beyond simply waiting for the flight to be over.


While it might seem that this is an extreme example, the fact is planes, movie theaters, and any other areas that people frequent move in and out of can be hotspots for bed bug activity. This is especially true during travel, as it is highly probable that a passenger who is carrying bed bugs in their luggage would create an opportunity for the bed bugs to spread to the plane.

Travelers should be prepared to deal with this situation as much as possible should it occur. The question is, however, what exactly should you do if you have bed bugs on your plane?

The first thing that should be addressed is the possibility that you could be exposed to bed bugs and not realize. This can occur because bed bug bites will often not show up on the skin for up to 2 days after the initial exposure. For this reason, you might be traveling with bed bugs or stay somewhere that is contaminated and be none the wiser.

If bed bugs are on your plane, there is unfortunately not a great deal that you can do to deal with the bugs themselves. Oftentimes you may not even notice bed bugs because they will remain hidden in small cracks and gaps. However, should you discover bed bug activity, there are a few steps that you can take to help mitigate the problem.

Generally speaking, your first step upon discovering bed bugs should be to notify officials with the airline. Because bed bugs are extremely reclusive, it is possible that you might be the only person to notice the infestation, and notifying the flight crew can help to mitigate the damage they can cause.

If you are concerned about being bitten during the flight, you should try to cover as much of your skin as possible. Bed bugs are unable to bite through most fabrics, so you will reduce the likelihood of receiving bites by covering up exposed skin.

You should also remember that, just because you found the bed bugs on the plane does not mean that they originated from the plane itself. It is entirely possible that bed bugs you find came from a previous location such as a hotel that you stayed in before the flight. Due to this, you should notify any hotels or other related services that you have used if you find bed bugs among your belongings.

While cases of bed bug activity on airplanes are relatively rare, they are still a risk that travelers should bear in mind. By taking proper care, you can reduce the likelihood of bringing bed bugs to and from your travels, and this can save you from the nightmare that is dealing with a bed bug infestation.

As a final note, since the main goal of taking precautions against bed bugs is to avoid bringing them into your home, it is critical that you inspect all of your luggage when returning BEFORE you bring it into your home. It is also important to note that, due to their prolific nature, even a small number of bed bugs hidden away could quickly establish a sizable population in your home. Travelers should be sure to carefully inspect everything that you are bringing back with you and make sure you see no signs of bed bugs.

If the worst case scenario occurs and you find bed bugs in your home, your best bet is to call in a licensed pest service ASAP. The truth is, there are almost no effective DIY treatment options available on the market, and as a rule of thumb the longer you wait to begin treatment for an infestation the worse it will become. Therefore, homeowners will often save time and money in the long run by calling in a service they can trust to completely eradicate the infestation.

At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we are proud to serve as a leading bed bug treatment provider for the greater Cherokee county area. We offer a range of safe, targeted treatment plans that we have a custom fit to each type of pest that homeowners may encounter. This helps to ensure that you receive the quickest and most effective resolution to your pest problems!

So if you are dealing with bed bugs, or any other pests, call us today at 770-479-1598!

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