We have a new name!

But why, you may ask.

When I started this business in 1989, I was attending college to become a fireman. I took a job at a local pest control company, Canton Termite and Pest Control. Mr. Winston Stringer, an old Canton icon, hired me to do odd jobs around the office, and eventually trained me in pest control and termite.

Little did I know back then that pest control would become my lifelong career.

After college, I decided to remain in the industry and worked with a larger company eventually moving into management.

Still, I remembered Winston and how he enjoyed running his own business.Looking back, I believe that is what inspired me to start Systematic Services.

During the 2000’s, health problems caused Winston to sell his company, but at that time I was unable to purchase Canton Termite and Pest Control. Since then, the company who purchased Canton Termite simply absorbed the company base but did not continue using the name.

Recently, I learned the name was available for use and considering the market advantage of having your hometown’s name in your company name…I applied for and received authorization to rename Systematic as Canton Termite and Pest Control.

So here we are, your hometown pest control company, Canton Termite and Pest Control.

We’re ready to help YOU solve all of your pest problems!

Call us TODAY at 770-479-1598 and schedule your FREE 58 Point Pest Inspection or FREE Termite Control Estimate.

Here’s to helping YOU live PEST FREE!


Canton Pest Control – We Have a New Name!
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