Termite Swarm Season


Georgia has a temperate climate and plenty of rainfall, making it a perfect home for the subterranean termite. So when spring arrives, you can be sure the bug season is here as well! Did you know Georgia is a part of what is called “the termite belt”?

We Southerners have everything a termite could ever want – moisture, moderate climate, and plenty of food…wood in termite lingo.


So what are we Georgia homeowners to do?

First, let’s not panic. The best defense is to know your enemy so you can be prepared. The Subterranean termite is the most common termite found in our great state. Not to stress you out, but the majority of yards contain colonies of termites happily living and eating. Our Subterranean is a lover of moisture and finds this underground in the soil, thus giving them their name. The thing is…you probably don’t even know they are there. Until you do.


Since the majority of our homes have at least some component of wood products, we are all at risk for termite damage. Because termites are always looking for food, your home can be an easy source of sustenance. One mature colony of these tiny invaders can be composed of thousands of termites, span an area the size of a city block, and tunnel over 150 feet to find wood. And remember, this is all going on underground, so how is a homeowner to protect their biggest investment when the enemy is hidden and fairly incognito?


Good question! Glad you asked. Let’s talk about the common signs of a termite infestation. Remember, the more you know, the sooner you know, the safer your home will be.


First of all, this is the time of year for swarmers. Swarmers are winged adults that fly away to start their own colony. This happens in Georgia between February and April, depending on the weather. The warmer, sunnier days bring the swarms out faster. These swarmers lose their wings pretty quickly, mate, and begin a new colony. Sometimes it is easy to confuse swarming termites with ants. A pest control expert can help with identification.


Another sign of termites nearby are the mud tubes they build between their subterranean colony and the food source (aka your home). These tubes are built to enable the movement of the workers as they bring food to the rest of the colony. The tubes are built of mud and termite saliva and serve the purpose of protecting the insects from drying up in the Georgia heat and also from being eaten by predators. If you see this mud tubing, it could be a sign of uninvited visitors. Although again, there can be confusion because termites aren’t the only ones building mud tubes. Mud daubers are a type of wasp that also builds tubes. Once again, Canton Termite can identify a termite mud tube and possible infestation.


Once the damage has begun to occur, there are other signs homeowners might find. These include a hollow sound when you tap on a wooden area or water damage that could have invited the termites into your home in the first place. Sometimes when remodeling, homeowners notice maze-like patterns in the wood. This could be the handiwork of artistic insects.


Now that you know the signs to look for to prevent infestation, let’s talk about why it is important to catch termites early in their work. A termite colony has been known to eat up to a pound of wood in a single day! And the problem is that this damage is usually in an area you as the homeowner don’t usually notice. The structure of your home could be severely damaged before you even know there is a problem. It has been estimated that up to 600,000 US homes are damaged by termites every year. That’s a daunting number. Add to that a whopping $5 billion spent yearly in termite damage and treatment, and you will understand the serious problem termites can truly cause.


While all this can sound a bit frightening, there truly is no reason to panic. Well, as long as you are getting regular, thorough inspections from a reputable termite and pest control company, there is no reason to panic. May I suggest Canton Termite and Pest Control? We are your hometown pest control company and have been in business in the Canton area for over 32 years. Our technicians and inspectors use state-of-the-art technology that is at the forefront of the industry. We are your neighbors and a name you can trust.


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By: Robin

Termite Swarm Season
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