If I have household pest control, does that mean my home is protected against termites?


DON’T make this common mistake! While it might seem intuitive that household pest control treatments would deter termites, this is actually not the case.


Different pests require different treatment products and strategies. What works well for mosquitoes may be entirely ineffective against ants. That’s why each pest needs a specific approach to be effectively neutralized.


Additionally, the unique layout and environment of your home require a custom fit treatment approach to ensure maximum efficacy. A standardized treatment solution might still be able to handle pests around your home, but certainly not as quickly and comprehensively.


In fact, where a product is applied is just as important as what product you use in the first place. Products such as bait systems attract pests to feeding sites in order to poison them, while other products repel pests from the exterior of the home.


You can probably imagine the issues which could be created if a bait product is placed in the wrong part of your home. A badly applied product could actually make your pest problems worse or create a health risk.


An incorrectly applied repellant product could leave gaps in your home’s treatment barrier. In that scenario, a homeowner would be left with a false sense of security while their home remains exposed to pest threats.


These types of scenarios are why it is so important to choose a reputable company for your pest control.


Turning to the question of termite control more specifically, the truth is only a targeted treatment plan is able to handle a termite threat.


Termites are a different breed compared to other pests. Most of the common termite species in Georgia are subterranean, so they attack homes from below using access points in the foundation.

Pest treatments for dealing with indoor pests most likely won’t reach a termite nest, which lies at least a foot beneath the soil. Additionally, since termites often attack the home from inside the walls or beneath the foundation, treatments for general pest problems won’t be applied near their feeding sites.


As a result, household pest control is essentially ineffective for dealing with termites.


To keep your home safe from termites and other pest threats, you need BOTH household pest control and termite control services. Only having one or the other service leaves your home exposed.


The best approach is to choose the same company for both services. This ensures a smooth overlap between the treatments, maximizing the effectiveness of each and creating more comprehensive protection. Coordinated treatments are always more effective and prevent issues from going unaddressed.


Termites are one of the most destructive pest problems you can face. An unchecked infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damages and permanently reduce the value of your home. Don’t let termites or any other pests gain an inch of ground in your home this year.


Start 2021 off strong by protecting your home against pest threats. Call 770-479-1598 to schedule a FREE inspection!

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