Termite Bait System

Bait stations are essentially food stations for attracting termites. They are typically filled initially with some sort of wood product to attract termites. Once it has been confirmed that termites are active in the area, the bait is switched with a new supply coated in a slow acting poison. The termites will ingest this poison and carry it back to the nest with them.

Once termites begin to feed at the bait station systems, they will quickly spread the poison to a large majority of the nest, and this will help to decimate the population of the nest after some time has passed.

Bait stations are especially useful for homes that would require intrusive drilling for a similar liquid coverage. Bait stations can be inserted around the exterior of the home, and will attract termites to them and away from areas that would give them access to vulnerable parts of the structure. Homes with slab foundations or finished basements are well served by bait station systems, as this prevents the necessity of deep drilling to protect all parts of the structure with a liquid barrier.

Bait stations require periodic inspections by a trained technician to ensure that they are functioning correctly. While this does often come at additional cost, it allows the stations to act as a early warning system for termites. This means that the technician inspecting the stations will often find dead termites inside of the station, and will be able to identify a termite problem long before damage is being done to the home.


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