Canton Termite and Pest Control  gets lots of calls to control Scorpions.


Scorpions are nocturnal and predatory. They feed on a variety of insects, spiders, centipedes,crickets, etc. Most scorpions live in warm, dry climates, and many of the species found in North America.


Of the 60 or so species found in North America, only  the bark scorpion, Centruroides exilicauda (formerly C. sculpturatus), is considered dangerous to people, and it lives in the western states. Scorpions are easily distinguished by their crablike appearance, pair of pincers, four pairs of legs, and long, segmented tail ending with an enlarged segment bearing a stinger.


Although they have two eyes in the center of the head and usually two to five more along the margin on each side, they don’t see well and depend on touch.  Scorpions that hide under stones and other objects. To prevent stinging encounters with scorpions, don’t leave shoes, boots, clothing items, or wet towels outdoors where scorpions can hide. Shake towels around the swimming pool and shake all clothing and shoes before putting them on. Wear gloves when working in the yard. Wear shoes outdoors, especially during the evening hours.


Scorpions can enter buildings through openings around plumbing fixtures and loose-fitting doors and windows as well as cracks in foundations and walls. So at Canton Termite And Pest Control we recommend you:

  • Clean the yard by removing all trash, logs, boards, stones, bricks, and other objects from around the foundation of the home.
  • Prune overhanging tree branches away from the house, because they can provide a path to the roof for scorpions.
  • Don’t store firewood inside the house; bring in only wood to be directly placed on the fire, and check for scorpions before bringing the wood inside.
  • Install weather stripping around loose-fitting doors and windows.
  • Caulk around roof eaves, pipes, and any other cracks that allow entrance into the home.
  • Make sure window screens fit tightly in the window frame, and keep the screens in good repair.


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Canton Termite and Pest Control- How to control Scorpions
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