Roach Problems

A cockroach infestation can quickly become a drawn-out nightmare if left unchecked. Roaches can infiltrate your home and spread everywhere through cracks and gaps in the structure. Since they tend to be reclusive pests, they often live out of sight. However, when an infestation gets severe you’ll definitely know roaches are around.

Cockroaches cause a variety of different problems in homes. For starters, they are repulsive pests, and their skittering throughout your home is an experience straight out of a horror movie. Further, roaches often spread an unpleasant odor to areas that they frequent.

Roaches can also represent a contamination hazard. Since they tend to live inside sewers, drains, as well as other secluded areas, roaches often bring bacteria and pathogens to your home.

Anywhere that roaches travel in the home, they spread these pathogens and bacteria. This can lead to the transmission of a variety of diseases including salmonella and E.coli. In addition to this issue, roaches are also a potential source of allergens which can be an issue for those with respiratory issues like asthma.

The takeaway here is that roaches are a problem you want to tackle ASAP. You don’t want them in your home, and the sooner you start treatment the sooner they’ll be handled.

So then, how do you deal with a roach infestation?


When you first start seeing roaches in your home, you may be tempted to purchase products like “bug bombs” that claim to completely rid your home of roaches.

While these products can have an impact on the roach population, the unfortunate truth is that they are rarely sufficient on their own to deal with the problem. Further, they can actually cause some drawbacks if used improperly.

Research has shown that “bug bombs” are largely ineffective against populations of roaches because they fail to target roaches in secluded areas of your home. Cockroaches do not tend to move around the main parts of your home, and since the majority of the infestation will stay hidden, a bug bomb set off in the middle of the home most likely will only catch a few stray scavengers. While this will temporarily reduce the population, cockroaches can reproduce extremely quickly, so they will quickly fill in the ranks of those lost.

Further, bug bombs tend to spread treatment products indiscriminately, and this can leave your home coated in the layer of toxic insecticides. While these products most likely won’t negatively impact your health in low quantities, they can be toxic if ingested orally. Due to this, you’ll have to clean your home extremely thoroughly after setting off a bug bomb.

The takeaway here is that when it comes to a cockroach problem, the fastest and most effective solution is a hands-on, professional approach. More specifically, you will see a better, more comprehensive treatment leading to complete eradication if you have your home treated by a licensed professional.

But what exactly is different about professional treatments?

It may seem at first that professional treatment is a bigger fix than you need. However, the truth is many homeowners save time, expense, and frustration by scheduling professional treatments because they deal with pest problems with a lot less hassle.

For one thing, professional-grade treatments make use of more effective products that cannot be acquired without licensing. For example, here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we use a bait treatment system to deal with roaches. This method is superior for dealing with an infestation for a couple of reasons:

  1. Bait treatments don’t spread insecticide all over your home, meaning that it is completely safe and toxin-free for people and pets inside.


  1. Bait treatments spread from scavenging pests to the rest of the population, which creates an exponential effect decimating the treatment population.

These advantages alone make professional products superior to treatment, but there is another advantage of working with professionals: experience.

Your home is a unique environment, and the specific nature of your pest problems is not something that a generalized treatment can effectively address. Typically, roaches and other pests in your home are evidence of an existing vulnerability somewhere that pests are exploiting. This could be a crack or gap in the structure, perhaps an unscreened vent, or even something as subtle as the loose lining around a door. Wherever the issue exists, identifying and mitigating the problem is essential to keeping your home pest-free long term.

When a professional service treats your home, they can inspect the entire structure to identify these issues and develop a plan to rectify them. This will ensure that pests don’t return after treatment has been completed.


After Treatment:

Once your home has been treated, you should start to see results almost immediately. A properly applied treatment will decimate roach populations in your home, so you may start to see dead roaches that are exposed during nighttime scavenging.

It is critical to keep your home very clean in the coming weeks, and you should follow up treatment with a professional inspection of your home. This will ensure that any access points around the exterior are treated and sealed. That way, roaches, and other pests won’t be able to easily return once the treatment’s effective period ends.

If you are dealing with roaches (or any other pests!) there’s only one number you need to call! At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have decades of experience tackling pest problems of all shapes and sizes. We can ensure a fast, effective, and safe treatment of your home using industry-leading techniques and the highest quality of products!

So give pests the boot TODAY! Call 770-479-1598!

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Roach Problems
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