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Let’s face it, ladybugs are cute. No one is afraid of ladybugs, even the smallest of children will go out of their way to get the little insects to crawl on an outstretched finger. However…even cute bugs can be annoying bugs. Let’s examine the world of the ladybug.

What we commonly refer to as the ladybug is actually the Asian lady beetle. As an avid gardener, I’ve always loved seeing ladybugs in my garden since they eat aphids. Aphids are damaging to roses, crepe myrtles, and many other plants. So the presence of ladybugs is, in essence, the replacement for insecticides I would normally be forced to use on my plants. Good news!


The problem lies with the ladybug’s habit of invading the interior of the home…and lingering way longer than any houseguest ought to stay. And they generally don’t come in small numbers but in droves. What is pleasant and cute outside isn’t so much the case inside the home crunching underneath one’s feet.


First things first, prevention is always best with any insect in the home. Seal up your home so that the pesky little insects don’t come inside to take up residence. Short of that, many people end up using a vacuum to take care of the problem. Another thing to keep in mind is this, the ladybug does indeed have a defensive mechanism. It isn’t a string and isn’t painful but it is a bit of a mess. Yellow hemolymph is a  liquid that is released reflexively from the joints of the ladybug and will create orange-colored stains on your walls and furniture. Something most people don’t know is that ladybugs can actually bite. It is not a painful bite since their mouth isn’t very large, but it is annoying and may be uncomfortable for some. Still, homeowners truly have nothing to fear from ladybugs.

What makes a pest is when insects go places they do not belong, and that definitely includes our homes. Many people choose to simply keep doors and windows closed and vacuum any ladybugs that make their way inside, knowing the problem will be minor and temporary. But there are times that homeowners might want a quicker solution to the ladybug invasion each fall. Canton Termite can help. If you are frustrated with pests in your home, give us a call at 770-479-1598. Your hometown pest control is here to lend you a hand or just give you the necessary advice.


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