Ladybugs are everywhere. They are in my closets, they are on my kitchen counter, in my bathroom, swarming on the windows, and even in my dishes! If you’re fed up with having ladybugs in every crevice, then read on.

Coccinellidae, or a ladybird, or a ladybug, come from a fairly large family of beetles. I know you probably don’t care about that too much because you’re already fed up with vacuuming up endless hordes of the ladybug swarms in your home, so don’t worry—I’ll get right to the point.

  • Ladybugs are frustrating to deal with If they can get into your house. This doesn’t have to happen though, and here’s how to reduce the prevalence of ladybugs in your home:
    • If you see a few, deal with them fast. Ladybugs actually release particular chemicals that attract more ladybugs to the area if there’s food.
    • Speaking of food, aphids are the main food source of a ladybug. If you have flowering plants, then odds are you’re sending a big signal of “VACANCY” and “FREE FOOD” from your home to ladybugs the world over.
    • I know I just said that ladybugs are attracted to flowering plants, so pay attention to this: ladybugs actually do NOT like mums or cloves and bay leaves, so by placing these around the area they’re infesting you are likely to reduce their presence.
  • Other tips: ladybugs despise the smell of citrus, so anything with a citrus scent or citronella will help you in your battle. Ladybugs are additionally very small (didn’t know that did you? HA!) and as such, can fit into small cracks and crevices indoor/wall joints and window/frame junctures. By ensuring that these regions are properly sealed with good screens and weather stripping, you can keep out a large number of insects besides ladybugs. My wife attempted to use caulk to seal some more inaccessible and unique regions of our home (we live in a cabin that was built as some fellow’s hobby it seems like, and it has quite a few unsealed regions in the walls), and it didn’t do much good; however, if you have identified a specific location that ladybugs are coming in, seal it up! Just use the clear caulk rather than white, obvious stuff…

These tips are pretty straightforward, but most often the fastest solution to an infestation is professional help. If you have issues that need resolving YESTERDAY, then give us a call at Canton Termite and Pest Control. God bless!


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