Often in my line of work, I encounter bats of various species wildlife within homes and businesses. Bats are typically fairly easy to deal with if one has the correct experience. However, often around the fall, I began to have reports of a particularly troubling species of bats.Bats


Around this time of year, customers will often call to tell me that, rather than simply living in dark spaces and rafters, bats in their homes are moving into other spaces. These bats appear to prefer to live inside of coffins during the day. Another interesting part of this species is the strange ability of the bats to turn into humans with an appetite for blood during certain periods of the night. Now obviously I treat vampires just as I would any other species of bat. During this season, my technicians and I keep a ample supply of wooden stakes with our other tools, as well as using garlic scented pesticides on all homes we treat. Most companies will tell you that garlic scented pesticides are not necessary to correctly treat homes, but at Canton Termite and Pest Control we are committed to going the extra mile to ensure our customers do not have to deal with any vampire related problems.


Historically speaking, vampires have preferred large, dark buildings or caves. If you are the owner of an ancient castle, dark cave, or crypt, you may be at risk for a vampire infestation. More recently, due to infrastructure and developments intruding upon their habitats, vampires have begun to move into domestic homes and small businesses. It is important to regularly air out any coffins that you might store in your home to prevent vampires from moving in to them. The most common signs of vampire infestation include mysterious organ music, an unusual number of black capes left around the home, and rustling and flapping during the night. Any home could potentially be at risk, and it is important to stay on top of any infestation before it becomes an annoyance.


If you think that your home has become infested by vampires, or other wildlife, don’t hesitate to call us today! Recently vampire hunters have charged extremely high rates of service, but at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we will take care of your vampire problems for the best price guaranteed! My wildlife team and I wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!



Halloween Wildlife
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