Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, we often receive calls about woodchucks. Woodchucks are mammals that belong to the squirrel family. In the Southeast, they are more commonly known as “Groundhogs” a name that originates from their tendency to sit low to the ground. They are characterized by their stocky frames and long, brown/grey fur.

Groundhogs are a borrowing species, and hibernate from October to February. They dwell in burrows for large portions of the day. In the wild, groundhogs are often found burrowed near embankments and in large open spaces.

When groundhogs emerge to feed. They will seek out and consume practically any green plant that they can find. When they are near to residential areas, this can create problems for those with gardens or decorative vegetation around their homes. One groundhog can easily destroy a small garden overnight if it is unprotected.

As residential development expands, more and more homeowners have had to deal with groundhogs moving and creating burrows around their homes. Groundhogs often create their burrows in areas that are protected from above. They will often build burrows underneath of porches, homes, and external structures. This can become especially problematic as their burrows can weaken the foundations of structures.

If you suspect that you have groundhogs located near to your home, the best sign is to find the burrow. The burrows are typically located near to food sources, and the groundhogs can be easily spotted when they emerge to seek food. They will often have multiple burrows around a single area. These burrows can be both unsightly when located in your yard and can cause damage to foundations when they are built beneath structures.

One of the best methods of keeping groundhogs out of homes is to build a fence around the perimeter of the yard. While the groundhogs can sometimes find a way around, the fence will reduce the number of groundhogs finding their way into your yard.

Dealing with a groundhog infestation can be difficult. The best methods for removing groundhogs are either the use of traps to capture them, or fumigation if the burrow can be located. These methods, while effective, are often best left to a wildlife expert.

Here at Canton Termite and Pest Control, our wildlife division is made up of a team of experienced technicians that can assess how to deal with your specific wildlife problem. We are proud to offer safe, effective solutions at a reasonable price!

So if you have problems with groundhogs, or any other type of wildlife, call us today at 770-878-3098! We will be happy to help you in any way that we can!

 By: Tim

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Groundhogs in Cherokee County Georgia
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