“• Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences.
• Support, such as road and line clearing, to ensure the availability of needed facilities,
transportation, energy, and communications
• Support to ensure the effective removal, storage, and disposal of residential and commercial solid waste and hazardous waste…”

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
Office of the Director
Washington, DC 20528

Re: Extermination and Pest Control Services
I work for and represent a professional Pest Management and Exterminating Company. My work is designated essential and my company continues to operate under an “Essential Services” designation by the Federal Government and State and Local Agencies.
Due to recent events relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture has
determined that an Emergency Rule is hereby necessary to ensure a sufficient number of pesticide
applicators are available and authorized to apply general use sanitizers and disinfectants in
treating for COVID-19.
Therefore, in accordance with O.C.G.A. 50-13-4(b), the Georgia Department of Agriculture has
adopted Emergency Rule 40-21-2- 0.6-.01 which temporarily allows a person who is currently
certified in any operational category or who is appropriately licensed to perform structural pest
control services in Georgia to use general use sanitizers and disinfectants to treat for COVID-19
only without being specifically certified in the Antimicrobial Pest Control category. Having a
sufficient number of pesticide applicators available and authorized to apply general use
sanitizers and disinfectants in treating for COVID-19 during this time period is necessary to
ensure and protect the public welfare. The Emergency Rule is effective immediately and will remain
in effect for not more than 120 days.
The services we offer have been deemed essential by the Department of Homeland Security, and as of now, this designation is recognized by the State of Georgia. This designation applies under two categories: Public Health and
Food & Agriculture.

This designation was outlined in the Homeland Security Memo, “Memorandum on Identification of
Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response.” This designation has also been specifically laid out in orders issued by our local health department and municipal government.

While our services are important to homes and living units, they are essential to public health in
areas such as nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, state and local municipal
buildings, agriculture, food production facilities, and others.

This designation allows us to continue to operate during Shelter-in-Place and Stay-at-Home orders.

As a member of the Georgia Pest Control Association if you have questions about this designation,
please reach out to them at 770/417-1881. You can also view this information at

Additional information on a national level can be found through the National Pest Management
Association at

We understand the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak. Our company is taking all necessary steps to ensure we have limited contact with individuals during service calls. We are taking every precaution to limit personal contact while providing these essential services.

We understand this designation could change at any time and if it does, we will follow any new
regulations put forth by the Federal
Government or our State and Local authorities.

Georgia pest control Association


Georgia Essential Services letter


City of Canton

Georgia/ Essential Service – Exterminating
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