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Though it may be difficult to imagine considering recent weather, winter is drawing ever closer. The return of cold weather will be a welcome change for many of us, but it does come with some drawbacks, and I’m not talking about chapped lips and cold feet.

Contrary to what you might expect, though wintertime does seemingly lead to a decrease in pest activity, there are unique pest threats that emerge during winter that could be threatening your home. These threats are in some ways more problematic than summertime pests because homeowners are, in general, less concerned with pest control during the winter.


The fact is, pests don’t take winter holidays, and your home may even now be under attack.


But how exactly does this work? What are the unique pest threats of winter?


Generally speaking, pests tend to prefer warm environments. Many pests are unable to survive a substantial temperature drop and must either hibernate, migrate, or die off. The threat of cold weather creates a strong incentive for pests to seek out a warm environment where they are able to survive the cold weather.


Since your home is artificially heated to stave off the cold, it can be a major attraction for pest invaders. While pests left outdoors might become dormant during the winter, those living inside of a structure can remain active year round. This can be particularly troubling if the pests in question are destructive. A termite infestation left unbothered during the winter could freely feed on your home for months without you being aware.


Since many people have their homes inspected during the spring and summer, it is possible that you may miss the signs of wintertime pest activity. The pests infesting your home would, therefore, be able to feed and grow in peace, becoming a much larger problem by springtime.


This problem is further compounded when you consider wildlife pests. Though insect pests are typically less active during the winter, a substantial number of wildlife invasions occur during the wintertime. Your attic or basement can become an ideal home for squirrels, birds, mice, and rats who are seeking a warm, dry shelter. Since you are less likely to be outdoors during the winter, you might miss damage such as a crack or gap in a wall or your roof that pests could exploit to gain access.


Ultimately, while pest invasions are less common during the wintertime, they can be very destructive because they go undetected for a long period of time.


So, if this is such a huge security risk, what should homeowners do to protect their homes during the wintertime?


If you want to keep your home safe from pests during the winter, you should start the process of fortifying your home NOW rather than waiting for the cold weather.


You should begin by inspecting the exterior of your home to identify any issues with structural integrity that need to be resolved. Cracks or gaps in the structure could be exploited by pests to gain access to your home, so these should be sealed. Further, access points such as pipes, vents, and crawlspaces should be properly secured. Around your yard, you should try to reduce clutter and debris where possible, and any firewood or leaf piles should be kept at a distance from the home.


Indoors, you should inspect some of the common wintertime harborages for pests. Your attic and basement are two of the most common pest problem areas, so you should carefully inspect these areas for any structural vulnerabilities or evidence of pest activity. Any leaks or water damage around your home should be dealt with, as these are very attractive to pests such as roaches that require high moisture environments.


Your objective in this process is to eliminate environmental factors that attract pests to your home. Pests require sufficient warmth, moisture, and food to survive, and making these items less easily available will help to make your home less attractive to pests.


The fact is, every home is unique, and so too are the pest challenges that they face. Due to this, you should strongly consider calling in a licensed pest technician to inspect your home and identify particular vulnerabilities that pests could exploit.


Keeping your home safe year-round requires a team that is dedicated to providing fast, effective, and comprehensive solutions. At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we are seasoned pest experts that specialize in protecting your home from pest threats of all kinds. We are committed to providing the highest possible standard of service and being a reliable, ethical, and competent solution to your pest problems!


So if you want to prep your home for winter pest threats, give us a call TODAY at 770-479-1598!


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Cold Weather Pests
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