Canton Termite and Pest Control Christmas 2019


Twas the night before Christmas, When all through the house

MANY creatures were stirring

Far worse than one mouse!


The children were nestled all snug in their beds

Unaware that bugs were crawling right above their heads!

My wife and I had just settled on a Hallmark

Not knowing our pest protection wasn’t even in the ballpark!


The pest invaders snuck down the chimney with care

With hopes that your home could soon become theirs

All kinds of creepy crawlies that would give you a fright

Are after Santa’s milk and cookies on this “silent” night!


When suddenly in the yard, there came such a clatter

It was Canton Termite and Pest Control with their forty-foot ladder!

Out of the trucks, they were armed in an instant

Ready to make my pest problems nonexistent!


Leading the charge, I knew it was him

The head of CT&P himself, the one they call Tim

He rallied the troops, with their bait stations and sprayers

I knew at once, it was the answer to our pest control prayers!


Tim and his crew made short work of the threat

Not a single creepy critter could escape from their net!

They handled the job without even a stutter

The whole operation was smoother than butter!


When the job was all done, and the house had fallen quiet

I finally could rest easy knowing my home wasn’t in some pest’s diet

Tim and his team packed up all their gear

Boy was I thankful they’d made my pests disappear


As they drove down the road, I heard barely a whisper

“Call us anytime you have pest problems, mister!”

Settled back in bed, I prepared to doze off

Glad that my investment in pest control definitely paid off!


We hope you liked our poem

And didn’t find it too silly

Don’t forget that pests can still threaten your home

Even if it’s chilly!


To our customers old and new, our neighbors and friends

We hope that our service has paid you great dividends!

Merry Christmas from us, your local pest control provider

May you stay cozy and drink lots of warm cider!


Merry Christmas to you, and Merry Christmas to all

If you’ve got pest problems, just give us a call!

Christmas 2019- Pest Control near me 😉
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