Camel Crickets or Cave Cricket or Crawl space spiders


Throughout the past month, the state of Georgia has been dealing with unusually high temperatures, and it is expected that the coming months will continue this trend. While some may rejoice at this news, others are hopeful that cold weather will come soon.


But there’s a catch.


When it comes to pest activity, unusual variations in temperature can cause problems for homeowners. Pests that might otherwise stay far away will seek out shelter in homes to escape the unusually warm temperature. One such pest, the camel cricket, can be a nuisance for homeowners.


Camel crickets, or cave crickets as they are sometimes known, are brown, wingless crickets that grow to around 5 cm in length. Like most cricket species, they have large back legs, which they use for jumping, and long antenna. Camel crickets require a very specific environment to live, and prefer areas with high levels of moisture and cool temperatures. For this reason, they are often found beneath piles or debris or in crevices. Due to their reclusive nature, it is rare to encounter them in the wild.


So why do they matter to you?


When temperatures are above average, the environment that camel crickets are residing in may become unlivable for them. In such instances, they will seek out new shelter, and this can lead them into homes.


Camel crickets seek out parts of the home that mimic the conditions they prefer in the wild. This means they will often take up residence in areas such as crawlspaces, ventilation, or in basements. Because they can go long periods of time without food, it is possible for them to remain hidden in your home without you being aware.
Camel crickets usually do not reproduce outside of ideal conditions, but if they do they can establish a population in your home. While they are normally not destructive themselves, they can sometimes lead predatory pests such as scorpions and spiders into your home by acting as a food source.


The fact is no homeowner wants to deal with crickets or any other pest roaming around their home. If you suspect that camel crickets are active in your home, you might want to call in a licensed pest control company to inspect your property and identify any signs of pest activity.

At Canton Termite and Pest Control, we have decades of experience treating pests of all kinds. Our technicians are trained professionals, and we begin each treatment with a thorough inspection. We use information gathered from the inspection as well as guidance from our in-house pest experts to formulate a safe, targeted treatment plan to deal with your pest problems!


So if you are dealing with crickets, or any other pest, call us today at 770-479-1598!


Here’s to YOU living pest free!

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Camel Crickets
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